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Super 14 Commercial



i was just reading in the paper how the hurricanes 8 all blacks have gone on holiday except for rodney whose bak home and ma'a nonu is filming a S14 commercial in the UKRAINE!!! any one hav any idea y their filming a rugby commercial in the ukraine?
Hmmm...Not sure. But I can tell you why they're using Ma'a for it...

...Because they save on makeup expenses!! Bahahaha!!!


I know, I know, we're over the whole Ma'ascara thing...
lol kaftka

Ukraine not sure why but proabbly because there is certian scenery there and maybe continuing the theme from this year where they had the abs on top of snowy mountians.
Is this going to be an ad involving all three countries, or just for New Zealand?
nah jus new zealanders...just the winners of next years first s14comp

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