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Super Six - Scotland


Academy Player
Mar 18, 2019
Looking forward to seeing what impact the Super Six will have on Scottish Rugby, however...

Why are there 3 teams from Edinburgh and just one from Glasgow and West - Ayr - who are not exactly what I would call a Glasgow team?

In my opinion:
Glasgow Hawks and Ayr (2 x "Glasgow" clubs)
Watsonians and Boroughmuir (2 x Edinburgh Clubs)
Melrose (Borders)
Stirling County (Caledonian)

...would have been a better spread of clubs.

If the league is to grow then they should consider a league of 8 teams, two from each region, but only if there is the finance and potential to create and support 4 Rugby Region teams for the Pro 14 - a Glasgow team, Edinburgh team, Borders team and Caledonia team. Growing any bigger and they are back where they started...

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