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Super 14 Scrums What A Bore



I was watching a recording of the Auckland Blues destroying the Western Force last night and the amount of scrum resets was shocking. At one point there was at least three resets before the ball reached the backline. The Australian commentators also said "Isn't it sexy" as a joke, which it was, but only when the ball finally got to the backs.

I've got nothing against the referee who was controlling matters, but you could have parked a bus between Touch and Hold. Surely it would be easier, and safer, on the frontrows if the time between Touch and Hold was a split second. It might also make them a lot more stable and be able to scrum properly, without falling.

Now to be fair I am no frontrow scrum know-it-all, I'm just looking at how it looks to the viewers and the other players. I mean surely heads would go down if the attacking teams ball was going through another scrum reset, also if it was the defending teams ball then their concentration might drop and lose interest.
Ive got to agree with you mate the scrummaging here is a nightmare absolutely shocking and its slowing down the momentum of the game. You'd think they'd change the rule for safety reasons and to speed the game up BUT no! Scrums are stop start this year which highly needs to be fully addressed, Dont get me wrong scrums are a good thing for the passionate front rower .BUT SORT IT OUT! or penalize the perpetrator DONT KEEP RESETTING SOMETHING THATS GOING TO COLLAPSE AGAIN.... 2 strikes your out!!!! No f%# ing around