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Tackle height lowered in community game by RFU.

I'd be interested to see the unequivocal evidence to support this statement.

Anecdotally, a relative of mine has played most of his rugby at level 3/4 and described a season in which he only picked up 3 concussions as "pretty good". Hopefully, medical attention is better now that awareness is much higher, but going back a few years, I saw him get up after a clash of heads then collapse again. A magic sponge later, he was allowed to play on. On another occasion, one of his teammates boasted in the local press about how he played on despite throwing up in the changing room at halftime. The latter time, the team he was playing for listed 3 team doctors on their website!
There’s a couple of things there to discuss but there is a duty of care by the club but also some common sense by the players not to play if they are concussed. Their stupidity should have no reflection on the wider issue.

The statement I made was about the head on head high speed incidents that they are trying to stop. Due to the community games being slower and the players not as powerful those head on head some powerful hits just don’t occur.

That’s the problem statement that the RFU had and that’s what they’ve banged on about.

Concussions in general is another issue but again community level rugby doesn’t have the same issues that the professional game does.
For information, I went to one of the RFU tackle clinics and it’s easy to see what the motivation is for all of this.

The clinic was basically propaganda for them saying that reducing the height will create a more open game with more offloads etc. more of a diverse game for more people to enjoy etc etc lots of bull ****.

The did clarify on what the ball carrier can do pre contact and how the pick and goes will be reffed which was good but it’s 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back.
Prompted by this (<---that is a link)

Have played a few games under the new SRU rules. Only a couple of our players struggle with it (taller more powerful players, used to the "wrap up" tackle). Not too many penalties seen, advantage played most of the time. Referees lenient when players are dipping into contact etc.

Ripping the ball is extremely difficult now, basically gone. We did have a maul though!

It's annoying but it hasn't "ruined the game" like most (me included) thought it would.
The games I’ve played this season have been reffed just like they used to. Refs have almost ignored the changes.
First game under the new rules tonight. I generally hit quite high around the ball so fully expecting my first ever card this season.