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Tap Tackles...



Ok the two things annoying me most about this game at the moment :

1. Slooooowwwwness of recycling ball at the ruck. Everytime you go to ground, it takes SO long to get the ball back. The opposition re align, and you can't catch them all out of postion. It kind of makes it a bit like Rugby League. If you go to ground, and one of your team is the first man there, why can't he blimmin pick it up? Once again - an area that Lomus got SPOT ON. If a player went to ground, you could get really quick ball if your team were the first to the breakdown.

Question - is there anyway you get quicker ball from rucks?
It's bot a bad game :)
2. Tap tackles. Not the right term perhaps, but I'm referring to the type of tackle in which the attacking player ends up falling over and rolling for a bit. The tackler of often has got nowhere near his man when these happen. Also, you can't offload out of them!! They are the easiest kind of tackle to offload out of, yet you can't do it!

Question - is there a way to ride these tap tackles, or offload out of them?

Offloads are annoying me a bit as well, once you learn that they usually got to the oppostion, and cut down on doing them, they become quite a limited weapon. Whenever I';ve successfully made an offload pass, the receiving player is invariably tackled right away.

Ah well. It's still a pretty good game.

The Holy grails of Lomu's Mark2 is still to be achieved tho!
yeah no quick ball from the ruck or the ability to run quickly from the ruck is a small problem. we also need tap penalities too.

i'd still like to see the AI give more fouls, it's very rare they make mistakes and another problem I have is the blatant offside. what also slows the game down is that after a ruck, the opposition players don't return to their line quick enough so you have to wait else they tackle you offside. :%#%#:

these problems aside, once you've got it configured with the spinning far end view it's really great. kicking is still a little difficult to do accurately but overall I think the game is more enjoyable than Rugby 2005.
On the tap penalties issue Inertia, has anyone else had a bug where if the CPU opposition decide to take a tap penalty (I assume it is anyway as kicking for touch is fine) the game almost freezes? Time continues but nobody moves or does anything. Everyone is just standing still with the crowd cheering for the rest of the game. I've had to forfeit the match on two occassions because of this. My second was in a must win game late in the second half with me 12 points up in the last round in career mode. I hadn't saved since round two so I couldn't go back and do it again.

Anyway, it's only happened twice, but still annoying.

I save after every game now ;)

It's funny how in almost every rugby game I've ever played, I never ever saved after each game until a bug of some sort ruined it for me... I just never learn.
that is one good feature rl 2 has. it gets you to save before you play your next game so that if you forgot to you at most only lose one game not 6 - 10 or whatever.

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