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tape for second row legs, lineout etc



hi new here etc

just wondered if any of you use the tape for lifting in the line?

at the moment i just use being lifted by the shorts, which is fine

but to gain an extra advantage, want to try lifting by tape above the knee but dont know what stuff to buy, also wot the little bit is that sticks out, to get fingers underneath


like what ben kay is wearing in this picture

It's pretty much just loads and loads of tape for most people. But there are rules as to how dense the material can be and how much you can use.
lifters use it to get a grip-point in the region of the knee....

right... it is a soft padding-like material in the form of an banana. Then u wrap a whole lot of tape around it.
And for extra hold (and because it looks cool) u can wrap some electrical tape around it.
Hope it helps ;)
I've had to tape up my second rows legs before, so I know what to do.

What you need:

Cotton pads
Wide medical tape
Insulating Tape

First off, get a big bunch of the cotton pads and cut them in half so they're semi circles. Make sure you've got a big bunch of them for each leg cause they'll get compressed when you put the tape round them.

Secondly, while holding them in place, wrap the medical tape over them and around the thighs (make sure to take your fingers out the way, we've had second rows who would stuggle with this unless told) several times, so that the pads are completley covered up and there's plenty tape either side of them just to make sure they stay in place.

Finaly, put some insulating tape round them. This just helps to keep everything in place really, but it's not essential.

It does make a difference, it gives you an extra few inches and from a lifting point of view, I've always found it easier to do it with tape than with shorts cause it can allow for a quick lift.

Hope that helped.
Thanks for the info Gunner!
I may try it next week considering that I'm used to being lifted
by my shorts.
you can also put carpet or underlay in and then you can re-use it and it's easier to put in :)
Use foam pipe insulation and cut it in to appropriately sized strips then hold them with medical tape just above the knee its great and works a treat .
The "sticky out things" are called lifting blocks, type that name into google and you will find them anywhere, the tape you want is zinc oxide tape
Make sure you put a layer of something that isn't sticky underneath the tape, bandage or similar, or it hurts like anything pulling it off again. I was once left with bald patches around my legs after forgetting that.
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