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Team Chemistry

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Ive tried to make my players fit these specifications nad I cant get any team chemistry. What am I not doing correctly.[/b]
It should work it does with mine if you're using the Rugby editor you might have to change the special skill setting too not just the special ability. The one in the upper right hand corner that says something like Runner, Scrummager etc.
cheers, thats really helpful but how do I change the special skills, i cant find them.
This is really important for me, can someone reply, I dont know how to give a player that I've created a special skill.
Hi allblacks4thecup,

On the player editor page you can change the players skill set from the pull down bar located above weight and height toggles.

e.g. change a centre from a Crasher to a Passer.

hope that helps
Ye nah, I find that team chemistry helps raise players morals and thus ratings quickly in tournament modes eg. the RWC

I usually play w/ the boks so Ill use them as an example

Percy Montgomery
I can get either his kicking or goal kicking to 100 (depending on if Im accurate with his kicking, or I feel like taking drop goals), and his rating will rise to 99. However, itll take at least two or even three agmes to do this.

However, when I use
1)Os du Randt
2) John Smit and
3)CJ Van der Linde (or E. Andrews)

their stats (dont raise to 100) BUT raise to their max much quicker than Montgomery's

EG: Game 1

Percy Montgomery's Goal Kicking-92
Os du Randt's Strength-91

After Game 2 Os du Randts strength can reach up to 95 (which is his max *I think)
but Monty's kicking will only be about 93(out of 100)

Game 3 =Monty's full goal kicking ability (100)

Here's a list of ways I know to raise particular stats

Raise a props Strength and/or Scrummaging
-Win scrums

Raise a locks line out
-Win lineouts (duh)

Raise flankers rucking abilty
-Win a few rucks and mauls turnovers

Raise a kicking abilty
-Nail the drop goals bro!

Raise a goal kickers stat
-Nail your conversions

Raise agility
-Pull off sidesteps (remember, if you have high agility, you can sidestep right in front of the opposition. If you have crap agilitly, you have to attempt the sidestep from a long way out)

-Chemistry helps these raise a lot quicker than usual
*especially in world club tourneys (I think.)
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100% i could only get 90% with ab's. i think your 100% bullshit! the hurricanes have a centre pairing of green with tana and conrad. but when u put them in the ab's they dont go green! i think your kaka![/b]
100% is easy. with AB's. And Umaga and Condrad do go green in AB's wtf are u on about.


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