Televised Super League games on Sky in Feb

Discussion in 'Super League / Northern Hemisphere' started by Vambo, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Vambo

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    Sat 2 Leeds Rhinos v Hull KR (6pm) Sky Sports 2 5.30pm Super League
    Fri 8 Warrington v Hull FC (7.30pm) Sky Sports 1 7.30pm Super League
    Sat 9 Castleford v Catalans Dragons (6pm) Sky Sports 2 5.30pm Super League
    Fri 15 St Helens v Warrington (7.30pm) Sky Sports 1 7.30pm Super League
    Sat 16 Bradford v Huddersfield (6pm) Sky Sports 1 5.55pm Super League
    Fri 22 Bradford v St Helens (7.30pm) Sky Sports 1 7.30pm Super League
    Sat 23 Harlequins v Wakefield (6pm) Sky Sports 1 5.30pm Super League
    Fri 29 Leeds v Melbourne Storm (6pm) Sky Sports 1 7pm World Club Challenge

    For some reason all friday night games will now be 7.30pm kick offs.
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  3. I am gutted about the half 7 kick offs it is going to make life a lot more difficult to me, I can see me getting to games late on a couple of occasions as I work in Liverpool. Really annoying.

    Some good games there, I am particularly looking forward to Saints against Warrington.
  4. Vambo

    Vambo Guest

    I work alternate shifts now and with Wigan playing their home games on Firdays my days of getting along on a regular basis are sadly over... I don't finish until 8.00pm and whilst I could get out 15 minutes earlier and get home in time for kick off on Sky, these new kick off times means I'll only get to see the second half most fridays :rolleyes:

    For me Bradford and Stains is the pick of those games if you lot send your first team to Odsal for once ;)
    What was it Noble once said..."We were expecting George Foreman but got George Formby." :D
  5. dedweirdo

    dedweirdo Guest

    Are you sure 7.30 is K.O and not just build up etc, with K.O at 8?
  6. Nope, everything has 7:30pm kick off written all over it. They have been moved for some inexplicable reason. Crowds will be down as that half an hour will put people right off, especially of they are coming from across the Penines.
  7. dedweirdo

    dedweirdo Guest

    checked hull's fixture list and theres some at 8.00 (none of which are on sky) and most at 7.30 (some on sky). It must be to do with other sporting schedules. There goes attendance, especially for televised games.

  8. Exactly. The problem is that we can't really go and argue the toss with Sky can we?

    Looking at our fixture list all our games are scheduled to kick off at 7:30 though we do have a couple of sunday home games. It's really, really daft. No wonder we have free vouchers for the Wakefield, Huddersfield, Castleford and Les Cats games because we ain't going to get much in the means of away fans, that much is for sure.
  9. Allegedly.

    I can't see the clubs approving of it after a few months of poor attendance figures, just because Sky want to screen an extra episode of "Tight Lines" on a Friday evening.

    It'll be a worry for me to get to, I work pretty close to home but as a teacher I spend a lot of time staying back after work helping kids out, so it'll be a bit of a stress for me. I can see myself attending quite a few home games suffering from indigestion having just gulped my tea down.
  10. Vambo

    Vambo Guest

    Loving your signature pic SodIt :D
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