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UNFORTUNATELY - i have traded in Halo3

after playing COD4, i knew it was a wise financial decision on my behalf, to get the most out of a game i will never play again.

Hopefully some TRF peeps will be on the frontlines of duty in the not too distant future
I'm up for it!

Just add and message me when you fancy a game, obviousley with a child around it will be more difficult but I will try and make the effort.
Does anyone still play this anymore?
I've still got the game, but i haven't touched it since i bought COD4.
Lol. And no cod5 is out.
I don't know if i'll be able to cope with such a game where i don't have the option of sprinting!
I still have it and I still want to get all the guys together again. After all, I want to see if Mite still has that bullseye plastered on his back...

Perhaps with our combined powers we can make it happen?
We should be looking into doing it again, definitely. It's still a great laugh.
Plus my lack of practice in recent months means you might actually stand a chance against me!

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