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The breakaway?


I think they can put aside there desire to make money for a week or two,or a couple of weeks in the case of the world cup with smaller nations being crippled by players not turning up because they are threatened with the sack if they go.

Or in the case of the world cup have a break for it.
The main problem is the RFU expect the clubs to foot the bill for the players that they take for half a season, plus there are stupid rules they want like central contracts (whis the cricket prooved doesn't work) and this ring-fencing of the league.

As far as I'm concerned, I couldn't give a rats ass about England of it means my club suffers for it. Why do the RFU insist that English players must be taken from their clubs while the Celtic unions can put a hold on the Magners league during the international season? "Fixture congestion" is the answer to you'd get, yet it's the RFU that create the pointless tournaments such as the EDF cup and the the end of season playoffs to line their own coffers. Then, after all that, it's the grand plan of Byron to create the 10 franchise "superleague", thius killing off all but a couple of the big clubs.

Get out when they can and form an Anglo-French league is the best idea the clubs can have and the onblly way the game can ever develop further.