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The craziest moment EVER!


Los Lover

christ I need every emoticon in the book!!

well I bloody think so - so much so...that it is not deserving of being lumped into memorable moments....the names have changed except that there aren't any....and there is no misunderstanding of what occurred here - this is as it happened.

My bro and I are playing a tri nations - I let him go NZ, I went SA (great backs) and AI was Oz....

after one game and much swearing....(he is good MP but weaker against computer).....he went down 21-0.

I then lost to my brother 15-10 after an advantage played controversy that left a sour taste in my mouth!! lol!

So I HAD to win this next game against OZ (hard level) - had to....

After opening up a 12-0 scoreline, I find myself down 17-12 after sixty minutes as OZ go to the top of their momentum gauge and start throwing their weight about....I am penalised after a turnover inside my forty with time up.....GAME OVER.....surely!

They are kicking at goal to deny me the bonus point for within 7 and to end the game - a simultaneous play.......that suddenly became the triple play instead!!

The kick looked good but twisted right at the last second and shaved the post - it was however flying over the dead ball line and on the full too - until - Huh!!? - It struck one of the low angled advertising boardings and spat back into the in-goal...nudging of the back of his heels and sitting right on the dead-ball line.....
What has happened?
Amidst the crowd noise and the flashing 80:00 minute clock timer, I realise that the whistle has not been blown! The clock was 80 before the penalty was even given, but the speed at which it rebounded off the hoardings seemed to catch out the ref!
I run around over the dead-ball line (to avoid the take it out trick) and come flying back over it to legally pick up the ball an inch off of the chalk and begin running out towards my own tryline from the inside, game over at next stoppage......the d runs into the in-goal at me and I am forced to pass across the in-goal including a pop-ball and a straight line runner missing out on being caught in the in-goal by about 2 inches.....The ball goes left and with a dummy the FB (Montgomery) cuts through and round......the fb is out of play! I go 105 metres on the play (98 metres on the run), out of the in-goal, all the way to the line on the most controversial play in the history of test footy...

under the posts...(amidst hysterical and bewildered laughter, hollering etc)

conversion ......

final score

19-17 to me!

and the tri series lives on....

That is why you NEVER - SAY - DIE.

nice one! those sorts of tries always seem to happen to the opposition for me :|
Originally posted by Los Lover@Apr 18 2005, 05:16 PM
that it is not deserving of being lumped into memorable moments
i think it needs to go into the memorable moments
I've had a few games where I've won with the last kick/play of the game, but nothing to quite match that !
I think I can be proud of it because it involved total fluke and total skill - but mostly fluke.

So memorable......aaaaggghhhhhh..

Its one of those moments that you wish you recorded so you could watch it over & over!

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