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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Canadian_Rugger, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. I thought this would be something fun to do

    everyone create a version of themselves realistic to what their rugby playing styles and skills are.
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  3. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    5'11' - 235lbs.

    A bruiser low to the ground.

    Not as concerned with touches as with tackles.

    Sneaky fast. Makes up ground when you're not looking.

    Kicking is never an option.

    love winning rucks, let the speedy lads handle the runs to glory.

    Great idea for a post!
  4. 6'0 185lbs

    positions played flanker mostly but have played center.

    Like tackling and stalking flyhalf's

    Have good agility and acceleration and decent pace

    Like getting into the mess and am a decent kicker.

    I have a crap pass though [​IMG]
  5. BOKean

    BOKean Guest



    flanker - quick but not as quick as joe van neikerk (spd 74)
    strong in the messy stuff

    good hands and brktkl

    tackling machine lol

    cant kick

    great tackle breaker
  6. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    This is so silly.... [​IMG]

    I am fly half/centre/wing

    speed - 89
    agility - 88
    acceleration - 92
    passing - 89
    handling - 87
    goal kicking - 87

    etc etc....

    am plaing second-five in my World League team.....Have a propensity towards recurring injuries...but most out was about six games so no game ending injuries yet!!!
  7. cool...

    8,prop,openside flank

    tackle-79.........bighits-90 [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    6'0 ft

    good step
    great acceleration but my full speed pretty slow
    i smack people around on the field [​IMG]
    average tackler
    good ball carrier in tight situations
    ...ive won many tightheads in my prop days [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    got the biggest mouth on the field
  8. oh and i got a gud 60-70 metre punt on me...not bery accurate but working on it for rugby league season
  9. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    6'0 Something and something kgs. I might check sometime.

    1st/5, 2/5, sometimes fullback.

    Spd: 85 (as Fast as Roko!!1!!!)
    Agl: 75
    Acc: 100.....or......95
    pass: 95 for left, 75 for right.
    hndl: 89
    GK: 91
    tackle: 70

    Stamina: 01.
  10. davidson

    davidson Guest



    wing or second five,

    tackle breaker/ ball carrier

    great standing start

    gradual decrease over time of top gear due to knee issues,

    heavy tackler but poor under the high ball

    general poor discipline if i was honest
  11. welchs

    welchs Guest

    short but very solid build
    strong runner and big hitter, slow acceleration due to knees but quick top speed
    reasonable kicking game alright passing game renowned for shoulder charges, terrible fitness. special abbilities of; tackle breaker, crash ball, tackling
  12. Little fat git

    Prop, or flanker

    Fairly quick

    loves try's
  13. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    Short and a little bit light. 67" and 170 lbs.

    Wing and wherever the captain puts me when another back doesn't show up for the match.

    Fast enough but not a burner (35 years old), with good acceleration and agility to kind of make up for a lack of top end speed.

    Good hands

    Average passer

    Slightly above average tackler

    Good rucker for my size

    Don't break too many tackles

    Good awareness to somehow get to the right spot

    Good discipline

    Excellent Stamina

    Can't kick to save my ass.
  14. Jester

    Jester Guest

    6'3" and dunno weight but im kinda big built without been fat

    inside/outside centre
    good acceleration but bout 75 speed
    good tackle breaker
    likes big hits
    poor kicker
    no good at long passes lol
  15. 5'8" 87kgs Suprise No.7 Openside

    Not being big headed but no 1 for turnover ball or jackling we call in it wales

    Not a big hiter but dont miss tackles

    about 80 acc and 78 spd

    rucking dont really ruck but bridge all the time

    hardley ever score

    and very good hands

    couldnt pass left before and the i used to practise so much now im better left than right
  16. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    You hardly ever score because you use the abbreviation 'lol' in your posts on a messageboard.
  17. to describe myself........... [​IMG] ...........

    About 5"11, wiry *******, hard to get hold of in a tackle.

    Positions; 1-Full Back, 2-Centre, 3-Wing.

    High acceleration, but average speed for a back. Can burst through a gap but often has to look for the support of a quicker man outside.

    Big hand-off, good step.

    Very good passing and handling skills.

    Solid tackling.

    Decent kicking from hand, average goal kicking.

    Poor forward skills, rucking, scrummaging, hooking etc.

    Special skill = Playmaker.

    Brown medium hair + scrum cap + gloves.
  18. bundas

    bundas Guest

    6 ft 1 and 15 stone
    number 8/flanker
    very good acceleration and good step
    top speed ok - once im through the gap i need support
    safe under high balls
    good ball snaffler, but once the rucks formed im pretty useless
    like a few big hits, but sometimes over-committed and miss a few [​IMG]
    oh yeh and i can't pass off my right hand to save myself!!! [​IMG]
    and obviously i cant kick!
  19. Black|Raven

    Black|Raven Guest

    .......and the point of this???
  20. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Was 'score' meant to be a pun?

    lol j/ks soz lol.
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