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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by BokMagic, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. stormmaster1

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    Totally true. I think it would have been a better final had the try actually been scored because of the possibility of all-out attack from the boks. The most frustrating thing for me (as an England fan) was that the Boks weren't forced to work too hard for their points. We would have seen more from them had the match been within a point just after halftime.
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  3. chinwaggler

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    Yea it wasn't as good a game as I'd hoped :(

    Man did I want that try to be awarded but after watching the kajillion replays I do think his foot made contact with the touch line before he grounded.

    It's a shame Robinson and Lewsey didn't get full games. Wish Hipkiss did more than just run into the defence he should've passed down the line more.

    Also does anyone know why Worsley was taken off after about 5 minutes? The commentators said the only reason why would've been because he was injured but I didn't see any, or was I being a bat. He missed 1/2 tackles but you don't take someone off for that even in the final.

    And I think Asthon should be fired. All this stuff in the news about whether he was a motivation or a hinderance. If he were a motivation then England would've never gone into their performance trough. It wouldn't have taken 3.5 years for his motivation to start working. The England players did all the work themselves. Also he's really ugly.

  4. I'm not entirely convinced by Ashton myself, but to be fair the guy has only been in the job since the start of this year. Andy Robinson has to shoulder much of the blame for what happened between World Cups.
  5. fcukernaut

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    I'm not entirely convinced by Ashton myself, but to be fair the guy has only been in the job since the start of this year. Andy Robinson has to shoulder much of the blame for what happened between World Cups.


    If I were the RFU, I wouldn't be so fast to give him that massive reported contract extension. It's not as if he team was always lights out. They really only started performing well come the quarterfinals, so the question really has to be asked: Can those performances be credited to Ashton or to the senior players? I'm more inclined to believe it was the leadership and the determination of the players rather than the doing of Ashton. As I said if it were Ashton, the team would have performed as well in the pool play as they did in the playoffs.

    What's the rush to extend his contract anyway? I certainly can't hurt to interview candidates. Surely the England job must have a bit more prestige after the WC run?
  6. chinwaggler

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    Yea cause the first time in the tournament where the whole team was together (no injuries etc.), the desired team you could say, was in the Quarter-Finals vs Australia. Together, they beat Australia+France. Then without Lewsey we lost. (I'm not taking anything away from SA). And you may say what difference does one person make? But one person could be Wilko and can make a lot of difference. Also the nonlewseyness lead to re-arrangement of other parts of the field.

    And I'm tired of all the England's sporting teams just giving the jobs to the first person they find. e.g. the football: head coach out, deputy head get's the job. There were plenty of other possibilities.

    Anywy they are taking until December to decide so at least they'll have a while to think. While we're on the subject... pretty much all the managers this WC have been below par. Henry, Laporte (what the hell was he doing against England), even Jake White didn't seem to make the best decisions.
  7. Aeros

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    I'm curious - I thought he was brilliant. What am I missing? (not arguing, I AM actually curious :p)
  8. chinwaggler

    chinwaggler Guest

    Well one example would be putting out his seconds team vs Tonga (I think it was).

    But maybe I'm asking for too much. For the most part he did do very well though.
  9. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    Remember Tonga got beaten by around 50 points in the RWC qualifying stages by Samoa...thier swing of form was impossible for anyone to predict...
  10. Aeros

    Aeros Guest

    Well yeah - Jake was testing his second-string team and the Tonga match was the only opportunity to do so during the RWC. Or rather, so we thought. Got the fright of a lifetime there, of course.

    But the test was successful.
    The findings: The second-string team wasn't all THAT good :p
  11. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    not neccessarily a poor decision. More of a gamble. Nearly backfired but didn't, and didn't affect SAs progress.

    On the Ashton front i'm undecided. Assuming player power got England to the final, i don't neccessarily think Ashton should still be out of the setup. Whoever is taking England forward needs to bring on the young talent and harness whatever experience is still about. Ashton may still be the man for this, but i suspect he is a man who will build for future results more than achieve in the next year. the question isn't just is Ashton suitable, but who is best for the job. just cause Ashton may be good for the job doesn't mean Dean (Richards or Ryan) wouldn't do a better job.
  12. chinwaggler

    chinwaggler Guest

    instead of pulling old players back into the game we should pull old coaches..... clive :) i wish
  13. mjrTom

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  14. chinwaggler

    chinwaggler Guest

    you showed habana tackling sackey 3 times but not the failed try? :'( suitable music and the lion king.......... wow :bravo:

    :) would rate and comment but i too lazy to do it on google. put it on youtube
  15. mjrTom

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    haha thanks for watching. i did put it on youtube but they took it down due to some copyright infringements :rahh: .

    ah man i had so many ideas of what to put in. i wanted to compare os du rant to pumba, and many many more...but i ran out of space. sorry :mellow:
  16. chinwaggler

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    make more vids :eek:
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