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the games TOO easy



I just finished a world cup campaign with Argentina on Elite very very hard.

I lost my first campagin in the quarter final to France 33 to 10 gfot absolutely raped. I restarted my first gmae lost to Australia 21 - 20 which was a **** off then I raped Namibia 103 to 0 and romania 73 to 0 after that I played Ireland and in a very tense match I managed to beat Ireland 21-19 which saved my ass wonderfully so on to the QF where I again faced France I managed to beat them 22 to 10 which was awesome next gma eI played was against South Africa and I beat them 33-30 with a last gasp try again by Corleto that guy ius fast and is a saviour.

The final pited me against England and this was it no turning back now. Boys are England ever good especially when against lower class opposition Wilkinson raped me with his boot. I lost 28 to 5 and was humiliated. I decided to restart the game and I still lost I was winning 16 to 14 with one minute to go when Wilko kicked a cross kick to Lewsey and scored was so ******.

After this I was like alright 3rd time is the charm so I played again and what do you know I beat England 21-17 with a last gasp try b7 contepomi was awesome I was so happy.


Heffler is ok to have in the teamif you can kick goals with him. I only ever get 1 or 2 with him so i leave him out altogether. I put Berti at Flyhalf as he's a beter player in other aspects and have Damn at full back as counter attacking gets me more points than kicks do.

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