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Discussion in 'RFU Championship / British-Irish Cup' started by getofmeland, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Well I cant believe this hasnt been started before now...

    I know the season is in its second half but even so...

    So whos gonna come on up, it looking tight at the top, and can Waterloo stay up, I hope for Stuey they can...

    I personally dont want to see Leeds come back up as they were a boring team, and I would rather see Cornish Pirates head on up and give the premiership a shot...
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  3. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Saturday, 24 February 2007

    Coventry 17 - 24 Bedford
    Earth Titans 28 - 7 Sedgley Park
    Exeter 11 - 6 Cornish Pirates
    Moseley 6 - 29 Leeds
    Otley 9 - 19 Doncaster
    Pertemps Bees 43 - 21 Waterloo
    Plymouth Albion 29 - 7 Newbury

    Well a couple of results there changing the course of the way things may go... Especially with the Pirates losing to Rivals Exeter that is severly going to damage their promotion hopes. Especially with Leeds, Earth Titans and Doncaster all winning their games..
    At the Bottom Waterloo suffer another loss, so it looks like they will be going to down to League 2 :( Sorry Stuey!!!
  4. We'll live...If that team stays together we'll probably be back up there the year after next. I've a feeling that some of the better players may well jump off at this level.

    As long as the clubhouse doesn't lose it's licence then who cares?
  5. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Exactly Stuey!!! Thats the Joy of watching National League Rugby... Its Pure Rugby!!!

    Now for the Week Ahead Fixtures

    Sunday, 04 March 2007
    Nottingham v Earth Titans, 14:30

    Saturday, 10 March 2007

    Bedford v Otley, 15:00
    Doncaster v Pertemps Bees, 14:30
    Earth Titans v Plymouth Albion, 14:00
    London Welsh v Sedgley Park, 14:00
    Moseley v Exeter, 15:00
    Newbury v Coventry, 14:30

    Sunday, 11 March 2007

    Cornish Pirates v Nottingham, 14:30
    Leeds v Waterloo, 14:30
  6. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    I think Welsh will win by 7 points against Sedlgey
  7. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Hopefully the Pirates will win Against Nottingham... Although Chances of Promotion are slim now...
  8. Looks like a two horse race at the top now now. Rotherham have some tough games coming up too. I'd prefer them to go up then Leeds. Supporters seemed a nicer bunch than Leeds.

    The battle to finish third from bottom is looking interesting too.
  9. Norhtern Lad

    Norhtern Lad Guest

    Despite recent rivalries I would like Roth to go up to. They just seem to be a more pleasant club. When I went to Leeds it was like something from Deliverance or that bit in American Werewolf in London where the pub just goes silent and stares. Genuinely unnerving, and I'm from Yorkshire, I thought I would fit in!

  10. Hee hee...a very young Rik Mayall in there too.
  11. Hee hee...a very young Rik Mayall in there too.

    I thought it was him at first, but wondered what he was doing there.

    You could go as far as saying he is the Young One in that picture though.

  12. Out of that division Pertemps seemed to have their fair share of annyoing fans.

    Ah well...we'll be back have post match beers with our old mates from Wharfedale next season.
  13. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Fantastic Finally some National League 1 Rugby on Sky Sports!!! About time....
  14. 'loo got fecking robbed at the weekend. The played so well against Cov. One point down in the 78th minute (after leading for most of the game), ruck formed and one of their players slams in from the penalty. Gutted. I mean they should have got slow ball and dropped for it but still it was definitely a pen...the Cov fans near us even admitted. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Although ultimately it'll not make a difference they did deserve that one.
  15. Cornish Pirates have signed 14 new players so far for next season.
  16. kingofnoland

    kingofnoland Guest

    as a donny knights fan, i must say this pre season, (however young it may be) is not going very well at all.
    alot of it is worcester. not that im blaming them, although it sounds like i am.
    really, im truly not.

    but it'll be interesting to see if the people we bring in can replace the ones who have gone. which is alot of our best player as far as im concerned. shame too. we'd had a great season...

    :cheers: worcester
  17. Exeter have got off to a great start.

  18. Exeter do seem to have been racking up some impressive scores, but this season is Black, Green and Gold.

    Can't see anybody touching us once we get all our players together and gelling. Just too much class for a lot of the teams in this league, no matter how much effort they put in. Being fully professional creates too much of a gap against the amateur sides, especially in the last 20 minutes. Moseley were running on empty at the weekend, and our backs were cutting them apart despite being down to 13 men.
  19. I miss The Saints game v the Pirates coz i was ill, was looking forward to it as well.

    I think the Saints will do like Quins did 2 seasons win all the games and go right back up.
  20. Exeter do seem to have been racking up some impressive scores, but this season is Black, Green and Gold.


    They are a good team....their winger Jason Luff is a top bloke too. Not unhappy to see Pertemps down the bottom. They spear tackled our quickest player last season and broke his arm.

    I am really struggling as to whether hope for good things for Sedgely Park...As well as being a incorrigible Mancunians they've poached some of our (Waterloo) best players so I should be annoyed at them but then again they were top blokes so I really do wish them well.
  21. Can we change this table to get rid of Cornish All Blacks & put Launceston in there...The Pertemps Bees deserve their shameful sell-you-soul name but Launceston are just playing silly-buggers
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