The nitpicking thread

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by umosay, Feb 18, 2005.

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    Can u please add all the negative points in the multiplayer side of the game? (if any!)
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  3. Los Lover

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    Do U understand now Jimmy44 - because you have not given a reply yet!?

    I believe you are stonewalling as only someone feigning ignorance couldn't understand what I am saying.
  4. jimmy44

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    Not being rude, but a discussion about the pros and cons of a camera angle I have already decided not to use, seems a waste of time. I do see your point, very eloquently written, but I am still not convinced that judging angles and distances from the side view is as easy as end on. Of course i havn't played rugby 2005 so I may be completely wrong. I'm basing this on all the other rugby games I have tried from the side angle.
  5. Los Lover

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    Fair enough....

    But I have a few issues with the classic 2 view

    - it seems hard to press the offside line and go for a good hit as it is in rugby 2004 - but was easy on side....leads to claims of bulls**t offsides that are actually justified etc.....eventually control is thrown at screen after game lost to CPU dropkick in extra time because of play ensuing from set play from the ensuing ruck from the quick tap for the disputed penalty!

    - You are too far away - ruining the effect and enjoyment of player likenesses - I don't like looking at people's backs!

    "Go! <__>!"

    "Was that Carter?"

    "I think so"

    [​IMG] ridiculous.

    - Locksley has stated that sidestepping is effective only on side view and coincidently more pleasant an experience when executed in this view as well. You're going to sacrifice running rugby's most elusive weapon?

    - gaps etc are only harder to see (for vertical viewers)....they can still be if your judgement is sound it's easy enough either way.

    - Hard to be precise in defence the further away you get....the intricacies and reasons behind goings-on in the rucks/mauls can be lost...

    - Didn't you see the try by the centre in side view in the Bulls versus Sharks video?..devastating.

    No coincidence more tries were scored in this view - it turns the console on!

  6. Now I'd like to present an argument that just might be the epitome of nitpicking (I'm very proud of this one).

    I call to attention the team scoreboard that hovers at the upper left of the screen on all the clips.

    Most times, the home team is on top BUT on two occassions the home team is on the bottom.

    Outrage. What determines this? (as it doesn't matter which team the player is controlling)

    The two occassions:

    CAR (Home?)
    The Classic 2 beast that concludes with Carters try -- we are definitely in Australia (they call it Australia Stadium) complete with goalpost pads et all. The player is controlling NZ but that hasn't mattered in other clips (see the Crusaders v ACT Broadcast; the Sharks v Bulls Sideview; or Wales v NZ Classic 2)

    I ask, why are these apparent 'home' teams not given top billing?
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