The official release dates!

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by jambo_makaveli, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. i decided to ask an EA representitive in the uk, when the game is coming out on all platforms.

    he gave me a definitive answer.

    so now we know the release dat, there can be no more different release dates goin around.

    anyone wishin to view my post, and his reply, can go here:::::
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  3. Griff

    Griff Guest

    Thanks Jambo, for finally clearing up this frustrating subject!
  4. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    Thats the date (11th) I've been following as the release date anyways ... and its good to know that the due date (from EAUK_Sentience's mouth) hasn't changed...

    The thing is tho, I'm not buying the game from EA, I'm gonna get it off one of the online stores or a store in town, so it's these release dates (the mixed up ones) that I have to worry about - as long as the demo comes out on monday, the waiting (how ever long it is) won't be so bad!

    (P.S if you had of read the post directly below yours on that EA forum, you'd have found exactly the same information! [​IMG] )
  5. esoj

    esoj Guest

    anyone read the rules on that ea sports forum its no wonder the place is empty. march 11th seems to be the date in the uk in the moment hopefully the demo does come out in the next few days
  6. So what do we have so far?

    17th March -- NZ & Aus
    11th March -- UK & Europe
    9th March -- South Africa & N. America

    but sean43 says UK is now 18th March.
  7. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    true, thats what Sean has been told alright...

    but I'm gonna stick with what I've been told, and thats the 11th for PS2... the fact that the lady is politely posting me a copy of the demo, lets me think she knows her stuff...

    if she's wrong, bugger it - as long as the demo is out, it won't be as bad as this prowlin' the web for info/video's etc etc...
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