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The Situation at Cardiff



Just read the news on the BBC site. Fair enough the Cardiff fans are frustrated that they're doing pants just now but booing a team off the park? In Rugby, that's just not welcome. I'm not blowing my own trumpet here so to speak, but surley there is no shame in loosing by 4 points to one of the ***al contenders and best teams in the league. I know that they've lost other games too but they were also against better opposition than them. The Cardiff team is young from what I've read, so it needs a season and then they'll be moving their way up the pecking order but only if given time, there's no need to boo players off the park.
thedyve got great pontetial, the most exciting back row of seen in a while, plus its not like any of the welsh teams are doing very well either!!!
How pathetic, I think a statement needs making towards the Cardiff public.

Its right not in the sport, or maybe they where just booing the ref or the opposition.

Either way, doesn't sound right.
i think its the matter of prinicpal - it wasnt meant as any slur on endingbrough - but cardiff historically are a huge club much bigger than the gunners. Blues history is up there with munster - and i wonder how munster fans would feel if there side was on downward slope

the fact of the matter is that cardiff should be challenging on all fronts every season

to be honest i really dont think those blues fans who were booing were booing at the fact theyev lost to THE GUNNERS as a slur on them - it was more to the fact that theyve been poor for a long time - and a club like cardiff should not be loosing at home to many teams.
Originally posted by Teh Mite@Jan 28 2006, 10:29 PM
1 word.


back when the parramatta eels got boo'ed off the ground, they were bottom of the table, and they had no hope in hell in doing any good. no inspiration, little skill, poor coaching, management etc... the booing actually did them good. they said, right, this is going to be our lowest low, we have to do better now. we HAVE to do better now.

however, and assuming my assumptions on cardiff are correct, they arnt a team that is utterly useless. losing by 4pts isnt something to get booed off for.
Originally posted by Teh Mite@Jan 28 2006, 09:29 PM
1 word.

2 words

**** Off.


Dai Young needs to be sacked. They should be the one the best sides in the celtic league, but shoddy preformances & results won't help them
Before the Welsh Barmy Army go apeshit, let's get back on topic.

I agree that Cardiff are big team (Edinburgh are only a few years old, not much) and that they do deserve more than how the WRU treat them. But my point was that they are struggling, it happens in Rugby, and that booing them won't help especially when they are beaten by better sides (and the more I read about last night it was sheer determination that saw Edinburgh through so it's not like they were humped). It's important that the Cardiff fans get behind their team and lift them out of the gutter, so to speak.
booing is the worst thing to do, phycology is everything in sport in the rue words of buz lurhman "its as useful as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum!"
Originally posted by lewseys got it covered@Jan 29 2006, 12:24 AM
gina- someone with ginger hair?
I think you were looking for "Ginga". As opposed to a female first name.
not its meant to be pronounced like "ginner", its a nickneame for ginger people, now we should probably get back and topic before some crazy moderator comes in and closes it.
Originally posted by lewseys got it covered@Jan 29 2006, 10:56 AM
not its meant to be pronounced like "ginner", its a nickneame for ginger people
It really really isn't pronounced like that. It has a 'g' in it, and it's not silent.
Back again after my house move ana month or two off work.

Firstly the Cardiff Blues have absolutely no history as they were only bloody formed 3 years ago. Secondly the crow were right to vent their anger, although it should have been done at their home ground as it showed disrespect to do it away from home.

To compare the 'Welsh crowds' to football is insulting, as this wasn't a 'Welsh' crowd, it was a crowd from Cardiff. The Booing however was meant more for the coach, the owner, than the team. (I should say here that the Cardiff Blues Coach Dai Young is my cousin so I am sort of biased LOL). The team are under performing, and while I agree that it is a young team in many parts FFS it has Xavier rush @ 8 Martyn Williams@7 Gethin Jenkins @ 1 , The current Welsh Hooker Rhys Thomas @ 2 Inernationals in the second row, and a backline to die for.

The Cardiff Blues are underperforming, they are playing **** at Cardiff, then a week later play like demons for Wales. THAT is what the crowd were booing. Hopefully that explains it better.

I should also point out that I am not a Blues fan I am an Ospreys fan.

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