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Those who have World cup etc.....



To those who have the game and have won World cup or super 12 or any competition at all, what are the celebrations like, all of the in game cut scenes are real good, but im a bit worried that like most the other games(WCR, 2004, NRL) they will just have nothing. I want to see guys jumping up and down and doing laps with their trophy, a bit like rugby 2001, they did a victory lap with confetti falling and part from the gay cartwheels and stuff it was pretty cool. Even jonahs had a cool thing where it went through and named your squad. So whats the verdict?!! Two games with the coolest cup winning celebrations are pro evo and NHL 2004/2005 how does rugby compare to these?

I put a spoiler on this thread in case some people would rather find out for themselves, I , however wish to be put out of my misery immediately!thanks.
well i clocked it last nite with the allblacks.....and they take off there clothes and do a naked haka
....then rokocoko does this weird breakdancing move where he puts his legs between his armpits...it looks really stupid....then all the forwards line-up across the mid-field and start holding hands and start skipping down to the tryline and do a big giant team dive.....

all this while still naked...........

hope i didnt spoil anything
Sorry man...I've played World Leaque and Super 12...none have any celebrations at the end.
Currently paying the world cup and is in the Semi's...will tell you tomorrow if the World Cup has got any...I doubt it....but i'll check.
does this just bother me? or is anyone else sick of missing out on the cool celebrations that most other ea sports games have?

The chiropactor need not reply.
i need too..we are on the same page

nah cut the crap out....
whats pro evos celebrations like and nhl????

maddens ones allright but after winning ten consecutive seasons it loses its appeal
celebration aren't too important. sure yeah the first time you see them it like....cool....then you skip em. so maybe they tried to put more effort into the gameplay than just putting something in that most people would just skip.
In NHL your team jumps around for a while and then get awarded the stanley cup, they then pass it around, waving it in the air, then they gather for a team photo,....and then it goes through the team one by one (Pausing on each player) and shows there playoff stats while a sweet rock tune plays in the background.
Pro evo was a bit simpler, it showed highlights of your cup winning game that would pause for cinematic shots now and then, all the while we are the champions by queen is playing in the background. its celebrations like these that make you want to start on another season right away!!

ESPN 2k5 has 3 different superbowl celebratrions, so it keeps you guessing at least!!
has anyone played nfl fever for xbox?
i know the game sux but one of the best options it has is the highlight reel at the end of the game...where it saves the best moments in game and replays dem..like intercepts,touchdowns and bighits...that was awesome...also at the end of the game u were challenged by a legend team...which was cool way to unlock hidden teams
Highlight reel sounds awsome, all sports games should have these features, they are too cool to leave out.

ESPN 2K5 also shows the superbowl mvp being presented with his award!!
Originally posted by CeeJay@Mar 14 2005, 11:21 PM
Highlight reel sounds awsome, all sports games should have these features, they are too cool to leave out.

ESPN 2K5 also shows the superbowl mvp being presented with his award!!
yea..i was wondering why madden series didnt pick up on it..its amazing what our consoles can do these days!!!(except for #@%%! 2--4

also saving replays was an awesome addition on madden...i got to show off my bros/cuzzies rupeni caucaus 100metre kick returns

theres gotta be a big reward for beating world cup tourneys on hard difficulty
legend players.....colin meads,mark ella,campese,jonah,kirwan,fox,sella,mike jones....and they could be selectable for the world league!!!
ESPN has saveable replays too! ive got about 200 of them saved on my xbox, every now and then ill go back and watch them,and relive the glory!!

Rugby 2001 had saveable replays on pc, i wonder why they havent reimplemented
it now that the consoles can handle it, same reason why they havent done anything else I suppose.
The greatest joy I got from clocking a sports game was some Konami Soccer Game I played when Playstation first came out.

After winning the World Cup with France, the team celebrated on the pitch with the usual high-fives etc. The camera then focused on each individual player, and gave his stats for the tournament, such as goals scored and matches played, before ALWAYS focusing on the captain last. The captain (at the time, Didier Deschamps) would then walk up to the podium, recieve the trophy, and hold it up skywards, much to the ecstacy of his teammates.


And here's the peace de' resistance...

You would then take control of a World 11, which was selected purely on player performances based on that specific tournament, and play against a Legends 11, featuring players such as Maradonna and Pele'.

Five of my Frenchies made the team, and I was proud of those boys.

Now THAT'S how you reward someone for clocking a game....

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