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ToCA Race Driver 3



I got the game yesterday after a Friday release and I have hardly stopped playing it since. It's a great game, addictive gameplay and world league is brilliant.

Rick, your witty Scottish engineer provides a great insight into racing and spices up teh game. I'm not too sure about the race queens though - they could easily pass for men from their faces.

The graphics are brilliant and the gameplay is addictive, it really models the car perfectly. The damage animations are also great, with smashes occuring rather often, mainly just me learning to play the game.

Overall, I think thia is a great game and it can only get better the more I advance and play it.

What's that for? This is about ToCA Race Driver 3 by Codesmasters, not V8 Supercars.

Brian Lara Cricket and Ricky Ponting Cricket, different name, same game. That same situation applies here.
Really, I thought they were completely different games. Sorry for clogging up teh forums guys!


i cant stop playing v8's or toca

brilliant game, brilliant crashes, and brilliant car dynamics

and too many championships

nobody will complete this game to 100%

if they do, they need a life, coz deadset its the biggest i have seen for a car game

100 or so championships - WTF

and after 50% of the world tour - u need to start qualifying, otherwise u can never win
ok v8 supercars/toca is really starting to **** me off

i cant get anywhere

i cant get past tier 18 of 32

it too hard..............what have i done wrong??

i wont be playing it again if i cant get any furthur...........its just shambles.

i got no idea what i am doing wrong..........i know bathurst to a tee, and cant get any better than 10th............its total BS.

do i need to do other modes i have unlocked or what.

the ai is just too quick

i have the following predictions of what is wrong

a, the game doesnt let u steam up the world tour......ie they want u to play other unlocked modes, at an even pace, and only then will the ai ease up on world tour.
b, i started the tour on hardest difficulty..........heck the yes/no prompt aint good coz u cant tell if red or white shading is the selction

whats doing?

i am stuck, i havent unlocked the v8's in pro tour...........thats all i want..... :wall: :%#%#: :rahh:
Originally posted by Coco@Feb 26 2006, 02:27 PM
What's that for? This is about ToCA Race Driver 3 by Codesmasters, not V8 Supercars.

It's the same game.
Coco, it's the same game.


Anyway, I hired it out and it stopped working....

But I played it enough to know its betterererenana than Race Driver 2, so I will buy it next Wednesday while I'm up in Hastings going for my full license followed by a trip to Napier to play Xbox 360 followed by one whole night of freedom because I got a day off work... YUSS!! So, there we have it, Wednesday 8th March 2006 will go down in history as the greatest day I have ever had, barring my marriage to that porn star on a drunken night in Hamilton... Males are so funny to break up with... I wish I was gay.

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