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Top 5 Games of All Time

aahhhh, the boy is brand new to the world. You've just exposed yourself, sonny ! Do you know what a Nintendo Nes is ?
rugby 08 is obviously an brand new game isn't it but yeah it just cause they seem to be the better games gta 5 i good fun but can get boring after playing it for a while and i use to have that console lol good old days
MC is good fun, great at killing time when I should be doing other things.
yep great fun did annoy alot off people by killing them mining diamonds :D
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oooooooh I don't like where you're going with that there buddy...are you calling yourself more old and therefor authentic than ME ?!! I remember the old Amiga games, Wolf 3D, Super Mario 1 on NES and that shytty duck shooting game !
let's see what you got...............ya young punk....

I like you. Like, in a slightly *I can't say the word here* kind of way.

Try 'I used to program in assembly language on the BBC Micro', and my second gaming pc was a ZX81 (with 16k ram pack!) (First was the Atari ST with 'real wood' casing)

Chucky Egg, Manic Miner, Jetpack Willy (giggle at the name).

Oh yeah! I'm bringing it, youngster!
yeh yeh I remember Chucky Egg and those old games...believe it or not we had this in Qatar !....but you may have a couple of years on me or so..hhmm, a worthy foe in deed...
Of the (fairly) modern games, I must admit I've wasted days on X3-Reunion (It's like Elite in HD). Just have trouble with my PC being a self build and 9yrs old, so can't actually do anything when there's a lot on screen.
In terms of how much fun I had when I first played them:
1) Elder Scrolls series
2) Mass effect series
3) The Walking Dead series
4) GTA Series
5) Assassin's Creed series

Worthy mentions:
Total war series
Warzone 2100
Dawn of War series
Dragon Age
Company of Heroes
Dirt 2 and 3
Fallout 3 and New Vegas
Stronghold 1 and Crusader (everything after that has been crap)
Borderlands 1 and 2

Argh want to put to many more on but must stop.
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For the hell of it, I'm going to contribute more than a Scott Pilgrim quote here. In no particular order...

The World Ends With You (Nintendo DS)
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo Wii)
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (SEGA MegaDrive)
Super Smash Bros Melee (Nintendo GameCube)
Tetris (Various, though Tetris DS was the defeault music away from being about perfect)
i'mma go and re-do my list and make it a top 20 because fun

20. Pokemon series
19. Fallout 3
18. Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
17. Walking Dead
16. Theme Hospital
15. Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2
14. Guild Wars
13. X-COM: Enemy Unknown
12. Red Alert 1, 2
11. Bioshock: Infinite
10. Fifa
9. Skyrim
8. Prison Architect
7. Call of Duty 1
6. Dragon Age: Origins
5. Total War (Medieval 2, Rome, Shogun 2 and Medieval)
4. Dungeon Keepers
3. Minecraft
2. The Last of Us
1. Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Not sure about greatest games, but in terms of much time I've invested in them...

- Pokemon series (comfortably first)
- Rugby 05/06/08
- Age of Mythology/Age of Empires I
- Spyro 3
- Crash Bandicoot Warped
- Crash Team Racing
- Crash Bash
- Heroes of Might and Magic II

And more recently:
- Fifa
- Rocket League
I'd have to go

GTA series
Elder scrolls series
Red alert
Total war series
Golden eye

Worthy mention to brothers in arms games,
I can't pass this thread by without putting in a mention for Scott Adams' 1981 DOS Text Adventure, "Ghost Town"

It took me absolutely ages to figure out that "old paint" was not a tin of dried house paint. It was only when I failed to "pick up" or "carry" or "collect" old paint, that in pure frustration, I typed "kick old paint" and the game said "Old Paint kicks you back" that the truth dawned on me.... Old Paint was a Horse!!!
My ones, which will live long in my memory are:

Super Mario Bros (NES)
Doom II (PC)
Pro Evo (PS1)
UC series (PS3)
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1. Horice goes sking
2. Target renagade
4.Operation Wolf
5. C&C red alert.

Did you buy most of those from the guy in the market?

1. Dark Souls
2. Demon's Souls
3. Bloodborne.
4. Dark Souls II
5. Awaiting release.

Seriously though-
Dark Souls
Final Fantasy XI Online
Diablo II:LoD
Soul Calibur II (Gamecube edition)

Plus: Advance Wars, Borderlands 2, Super Monkey Ball,Chrono Trigger, Viewtiful Joe, Streets of Rage II (still play this via the fan rebuild on PC. It's outstanding).
1) Final Fantasy VII
2) Metal Gear Solid 3
3) Suikoden I I
4) X-WING Alliance

I probably don't really have a fifth that isn't part of the same series of any of those.

EDIT: Changed my mind do have fifth Witcher III
There was a text game, many years ago, called 'bored of the rings'. It was...ermm...risquee..in parts, but it had the best example of that, that I've seen.
You walked into a dark room, and no matter what you did, you could not light it up.
Eventually I found a hidden 'octopus statue' in a room, walked in to the previously 'unlightable' room and 'many hands make light work'.
I was hooked.

(that was in reply to cooky btw)
5. World of Warcraft up before Cataclysm
4. Elder Scrolls Morrowind
3. Farcry 3
2. Pokemon Yellow
1. GTA San Andreas

Honorable mentions:
Witcher 1 - 3
The 2k NBA Series imo is the best sports simulation around in terms of playability
Runescape :')
Pokemon GB-GBC-GBA-DS series
So hard to pick. Based solely on my enjoyment

Super Mario World
Civilization 2
Championship Manager 97/98
UFO: Enemy Unknown
Half life 2
I'm grunching this thread, so I might post another list when I read it and am reminded of others I've missed. This list is based on the enjoyment I had playing them, how often I revisit them and the influence they had on the gaming world:

Tenchu Stealth Assassins - vastly underrated game, one of, if not the first "sneak 'em up", just the right level of difficulty / learning curve and a fair amount of game play. The control system was so far in advance of most things around at the time, that having played this, I couldn't get on with Metal Gear Solid and gave up within a day.

Street Fighter 2 - the first legit console beat 'em up which paved the way for many others. I spent many hours plugging away at this game until I managed to complete it on level 7 without losing a round. I imagine that subsequent editions have been better (Street Fighter 2 was a little sluggish and limited for characters), but it's the only version I played much.

Worms - the original is still better than any subsequent version I've come across. A pretty average single player game, but comes into its own once mates and beers become involved. Many happy hours spent playing this when I should have been studying earns it a mention.

Speedball II - another classic, one that I still dig out and play from time to time. Lacking at lot in modern terms, but soooo playable that most people must remember it fondly.

System Shock 2 - I had to include something first person(ish), this is a great blend between strategy, problem solving and first person shooter. It's massive and gets the difficulty just about right.
1) Final Fantasy VII
2) Metal Gear Solid 3
3) Suikoden I I
4) X-WING Alliance

I probably don't really have a fifth that isn't part of the same series of any of those.

EDIT: Changed my mind do have fifth Witcher III

Slightly off topic, but does anyone have any clues as to why the graphics/movies from Final Fantasy and the music of Pink Floyd almost seem like they were made for each other?

and many more

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