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Top 5 Games of All Time

1. Crash Bandicoot
2. Red alert
3. Rugby 08
4. Pokemon Red to Crystal
5. Counter strike

The only game I play is RC3 now, so I'm going off memory..
1. Civ 5 BE
2. International Cricket Captain 2002
3. Jonah Lomu rugby
4. Desert Strike
5. Golden Eye

Why i bothered to post i will never know.
My top:
Doom 2
Heroes of might and magic 3
F22 Air Dominance Fighter
1. Goldeneye
2. THPS 2
3. Bioshock
4. Portal
5. Red Dead Redemption

(6. Rise of the Tomb Raider)
When I look at what I played and more importantly (for me) what I still pull out;

HoM&M iii
Diablo ii
DotA ii
Elder Scrolls; Daggerfall

- - - Updated - - -

My top:
Doom 2
Heroes of might and magic 3
F22 Air Dominance Fighter

half life 1
half life 2
counter strike
rugby 08
witcher 3
I am really found of games and I mostly play IGI 1 and other GTA Vice City. Also there are some other games like subway surfers , TOCA 2 touring cars and need for speed i play also.
Not the greatest games, but the ones I've had the most fun on...

1. COD: BO2
2. Rugby 08
3. Fifa
4. COD: B01
5. Tekken / Crash Team Racing / Crash Bandicoot / Rugby 05 / Ratchet & Clank / Mortal Combat / Age of Empires / Simpsons Hit & Run / COD: Ghosts

Yea I'm a new gen...
1) Crusader Stronghold
2) Crusader Stronghold 2
3) Civ V
4) Civ VI
5) Age of Empires

RTS for me, I've played some FPS games but they make me a bit giddy, like watching the Blair Witch car sickness horror flick.
I would point out that I'm generally a bit rubbish at these games so I tend to play the AI and virtually never play a human opponent and even on the easier settings I get whalloped by the computer.
I still enjoy it though, even if i rarely win.
I find it a good way to wind down after the kids are in bed and the Mrs has gone to watch some drivel like X-factor or Britains Got Braindead viewers that I find unpalatable.
1) Flight Simulator X
2) Richard Burns Rally
3) Rugby Challenge 3
4) Maybe new Rugby 18?
5) WRC 7
Rome TW
Age of Empires
Assassins creed Revelations
I enjoyed Empire but the game really bogs down towards the end of a campaign. I just wish CA get around to making a Medieval 3 instead of all the Warhammer games.

Me too, or even delve into the 20th century?! Im not sure I could find the time to blitz them anymore though.
1. All Civilization games
2. Day of the Tentacle
3. Great Giana Sisters (Amiga 500)
4. Gods (Amiga 500 & PC)
5. Kick Off 2 (Amiga 500 & PC)
6. Castlevania
Just shows how taste can change I guess but back in 2012 my top 5 were

1. Skyrim
2. Just Cause 2
3. Red Faction: Guerilla
4. GTA: San Andreas
5. Red Dead Redemption

Now they'd be:

Blood borne
Demons Souls
Dark Souls
Nier Automata

Wonder what it'll be in another 5/6 years.
1. HearthStone
2. World Of Warcraft
3. Tekken 3
4. GTA: San Andreas
5. Red Dead Redemption

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