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Trail bikes, street motards



Hey, I realise this isn't really the most ideal place to ask about motorbikes, but I already waste far too much time on forums, and figured I don't want to whore myself out to any other sites otherwise I won't leave the house. Anyway, i'm sure there are a few country guys who know their stuff and maybe some bike enthusiasts around.

Anyway, i'm looking to start riding regularly again, and I assume i'm pretty rubbish atm, last time I was on a bike I was 15, on shitty 125's etc.

So i'm looking to buy something that's not going to kill me, mainly for use on offroad tracks, something with some guts yet a rather easy throttle . Also, i'm not loaded atm so I would be wanting to turn it into a street tard once I have my full license and use it on the road now and then (instead of buying a new bike).

I've been looking at the KTM EXC series, and I love their products, but I think it's above me. The 450cc 4-stroke is nice, but I hear it can really show up newer riders and is a bit of a **** to control if you don't have experience under your belt. I might look at their 300cc 2-stroke, it's cheaper but again still lots of power.

I've also looked at the new Yamaha WR450, I hear it's a pretty serious bike but is a joy to ride and doesn't have the steep learning curve of the KTM.

If anyone has any suggestions of bikes to look at, maybe what you're riding etc., it would be awesome to get some advice.