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Two funny things....



I was playing a match between Neath-Swansea (CPU) and Gloucester (world league team - me) and I was losing 13-12 and the clock had run out.

I had the ball, but lost it in a turnover.

The Ospreys got the ball and kicked it out of play, but I had a player offside when they did this.

The referee decided that winning the game was not "advantage" enough for them, so he gave the penalty, which they chose to punt.

They missed touch - by some distance - and I played a few phases and scored.

The end.

Oh, and another thing happened which made me remember HB Studios resemblence to a steaming pile of ****....

I picked the ball up from the back of a ruck, and the commentary went as follows:

"The quarterback" (american accent too) "runs it up the middle" (back to that Scottish bloke).

Made me chuckle.
You should have posted this in the 'memorable moments' topic pinned at the top.

Great story though.
Actually, it didn't exist then. His thread was started before mine. In fact, his thread reminded me to post my Memorable Moments one.


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