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Two player mode(demo)



After having thrashed the ps2 demo all day on sp, me and a mate had a go at 2

player it was fun, and alot more even than sp. Then we decided to play on the

same team and I have to say this was pretty damn cool!! Every thing is done in

turn e.g. when I pass he recieves and when he passes I recieve, when I feed he

hooks, when I throw he jumps, tryscorer takes the conversion. This was just the

beginng. We began to try and run in support of each other, and it actually works,

as long as you are the closest player to the left or right he will give you the ball!!

so you can run right off the shoulder, cut back inside, hit gaps at speed or on the

burst inside or outside, once the line is broken and theres just the full back to

beat you can bring a marked winger cuttng back inside to open field for an inside

ball and a classic draw and pass trie!!!! but wait, theres more you can plan chips

and grubbers, one of you kicks while the other chases, when the fullbacks been

drawn into a ruck put a punt down field while your mate chases with a back, score

a try off this and youll be jumping in the air!! We scored the best try ever by

putting a punt up I chased the kick and smashed chris latham after he caugh it, he

drops it and my mate runs through picks it up clean and runs 30 metres with

cohen and scores!! Another bonus is that it makes it more of a challenge instead

of winning 70-0 it was now a tight contest, on easy!!(defense is a bit hard as one

of you is stuck in the ruck and the other is in the backline, no biggie though.)

Only downside is that set palys dont work!! but honestly, it was too much fun to care!! has anyone else had a crack?(best playing it with someone who is comfortable with verbal abuse)
It's great doing that on PES - you can make great runs - and hopefully it'll be the same here.

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