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Ulster v Dragons


An Tarbh

With Isaac Boss starting for Ulster it doesn't seem to have done his chances of starting against England much good. David Humphreys returns following his elbow injury with Andrew Trimble also available following Ireland duty.

The Dragons name Wales squad players Aled Brew, Ceri Sweeney and Gareth Cooper in their starting line-up. But Colin Charvis is on the bench, while lock Ian Gough has been asked to rest by the Wales management.

Ulster: B Cunningham, T Bowe, P Steinmetz, P Wallace, A Trimble, D Humphreys, I Boss, J Fitzpatrick, P Shields, S Best, J Harrison (capt), T Barker, N Best, K Dawson, S Ferris.
Replacements: S Philpott, B Young, R Caldwell, R Wilson/S Harding, K Campbell, K Maggs, P McKenzie.

Dragons: Aled Thomas; Gareth Wyatt, Paul Emerick, Phil Dolman, Aled Brew; Ceri Sweeney, Gareth Cooper; Adam Black, Ben Daly, Jamie Corsi, Luke Charteris, Peter Sidoli, Andrew Hall, Jamie Ringer, Michael Owen (capt).
Replacements: Richard Wilkes, Gethin Robinson, Colin Charvis, Nic Fitisemanu, Richard Fussell, Mike Hercus, Alex Walker.
Half time Ulster 14 - 7 Dragons.

Dragons missing way too many tackles which resulted in Boss and Trimble getting 2 early tries - both clearly putting their hands up for international contention. I don't see why Boss can't be in there yet, it's only friday night.

Aled Brew came away with a good try 2 mins before half time to help pu the Dragons back into contention after what seemed could have been a long night for the boys.

Closer than i thought, especially considering Ulster are at home, but the 2nd half is yet to come and Ulster are a very strong team...
Final Score: Ulster 14 - 7 Dragons

I really didn't think the game would end up with the same scoreline as it was at half time, but to summarise:

Dragons couldn't finish, Ulster put up a brave defence.
Ulster couldn't get near the try line because Dragons had a good defence.

But a couple of players made themselves heard as far as a Welsh point of view is concerned and that worries me, because it shows how desperate we are as a country right now that we are vying for Charvis to come back into the side.

Who knows, he may just make an appearance against France...

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