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Uploading multiple images at once

Big Ewis

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Oct 10, 2011
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Hey guys,
I upload lots of pictures to this website, everybody likes visuals over text, much sexier...anyways, especially for the official match threads, it's an enormous pain to have to click the 'upload image' icon, select a pic, upload it, wait for it to load, double click it, make it large (and hope it doesn't freeze), repeat, repeat, repeat plus the rest of the stuff one needs to add to a match thread.
Is there any way we could have a 'multiple upload' module, where we could select many pics at once and wait for them all to upload ?...

This would be one heck of a long term investment, cannot count the amount of wasted time manually having to upload a bunch of pics just so the place looks pretty.
wow, I see there's been lots of consideration for this :D

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