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URC 2022/23 Round 14

I’m surprised Larmour isn’t more seriously in the frame for a starting spot tbh. He has been superb for the last while. There are going to be some incredible players left behind for the RWC.

Not a kicking option, holds him back big time I imagine.

That offload was a mile forward lol.
Not a kicking option, holds him back big time I imagine.

That offload was a mile forward lol.
Yeah, I think Farrell is demanding a very complementary skill set from his wingers. Lowe is a strike runner with a superb kicking game, whereas Hansen is a very rounded player who plays right across the line, standing in at 9 or 10 and coming off his wing as a distributor in midfield. He isn‘t a traditional finisher and I think a lot of people don’t understand his role within the team, but I reckon Farrell views him as a very important part of how he wants Ireland to play. I still think Larmour could find a role in the Irish side but I think he could lose out to O’Brien for a squad place give O’Briens grater versatility.
Scarlets had a good win against Edinburgh, who they've usually struggled against in recent seasons even at home. Cardiff's victory over 14-man Benetton didn't seem that convincing. Leinster predictably thrashed Dragons, though still Dragons were nowhere near as awful as Ospreys last night.
Hah, I meant Leinster. I thought it was an Irish anthem myself.

It was in a way in that the band were very heavily influenced by Irish music after Steve Wickham joined them, and they were based in Ireland during that period. Wickham lives locally in Sligo so I’ve seen him play with Mike Scott on a number of occasions in various unusual places, and they were brilliant. Saw the full Waterboys group for the first time playing at the Golden Gate Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco three years ago through a fog of pot and it was the highlight of the festival despite a high quality lineup so LFA is in for a treat later in the year.
The funniest part of the Leinster game last night was the42.ie headline effectively saying Harry Byrne has played himself back in to Irish back up option.
Now Leinster had many who put a claim last night. He was not 1. Larmour as was said is halted by limitations in kicking.
Hard to read weekend as welsh teams are under stress and seems Ospreys or Dragons are on way out and will be closed come end of season
Byrne looks like a guy who was injured in some key development years unsurprisingly, he doesn't look like he can build phase play, always looking for a killer pass. Steep learning curve from him and he's probably on his last throw of the dice, especially with Prendergast looking like a potential international.
Sharks v Ulster and Lions v Glasgow technically isn't Round 14 but it probably makes sense to keep it here as it'll bring all teams to 14 matches played.

Glasgow to overtake Ulster on the log is what I'm thinking. The log is already taking shape but it'd be nice to have every team on the same number of games played at last.
Blair to stand down as Edinburgh head coach at the end of the season. What a rapid demise as he was shaping up so well early last season. Clearly not a man manager or too much of a 'good guy' to lay down the law when required.


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