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VB series



Just heard Andre Nel broke his foot( stress fracture) so he's out of the series, thats a big loss for SA he's probably been there best bowler of late
yeah i reackon, and it might bring the crouds down a bit to as i am sure all the aussies are liking his antics.

he does fire up a bit to much sometimes, and i know those stress fractures can hurt 2
yeah nel was one of their better bowlers but was obviously in some pain during the third test. sa have now lost 2 of their fastest bowlers with ntini already back in sa with an injury. Hopefully they can still remain competitve and give aus a run for their money. should be a good series with the no 1 and no 2 teams in the world doing battle plus sri lanka although they need to find some form.
Awwwww CRAP!!!... I enjoyed his enthusiasm and his passion for his Country. Hopefully Kruger and the new speedster (keep forgetting the name) can do the job.
Will Zondecke come in or will they give Kruger the new ball and give Kallis a heavier bowling workload?
I'd like to see more of Zondecke. Is he one of the new kids on the block for South Africa?
Calamitous start and finish for Australia in the VB series today, firstly the start and falling to 71-6 after the first 18 overs, good effort by Lee and Hussey to add respectibility and then decent fielding effort to restrict the South African's to 55-3 in reply but Lee went from hero to villian with his last over going for 17 while Boucher and Kemp's partnership took the Proteas to victory, as well as Dippenaar's knock of 74.
that was a wicked game though

great to watch, luckily the rain break right at the end didnt stuff up saf, but they did deserve to win.

it looked like a good pitch 2, after the first 20 or so overs
Sounds like it was, would loved to have seen it but cricket isn't exactly high on demand with French TV.
Gilchrist's poor form has seen him get the next 2 ODIs off, apparently it was scheduled due to his heavy workload but his poor form may well be the real reason behind it, you wouldn't want to be resting an inform Adam Gilchrist now would you.
I dont think his form has anything to do with it, they know a guy like Gilchrist can change his form in an instant i think he just needs a break, no matter what were gonna be in the final........ sunday was just a hiccup and SA struggled to chase 229 i dont see Aus scoring below 270 again or losing again in this series.

Its a shame we dont play again till friday ...... I for one wont be watching the blockbuster on today.

Hey An Tarbh when do ya get home from France? can u watch the cricket any where there?
There's plenty of pubs that pick up English tv but I doubt there'd be much demand to show the cricket, I get home at the end of Januray so should see 3 of the games I think.
Sri Lanka did their chances no harm at all today after beating SA in Brisbane this morning by 94 runs, steady batting performance from Sri Lanka with Sangakkara putting on 88 and top scoring, Mubarak chipped in nicely with 61 and built a solid partnership with Sangakkara. Mark Boucher top scored for SA with 62 but it was in vain as they fell 94 runs short.

Next fixture is on Friday in Melbourne with SA taking on the hosts.
friday, oh cool i can watch that game

i missed last nights game thinking it was on tonight o_O suck

oh well
Fantastic to see the Lankans put on a good show. Not sure if it is gonna be a one off though.

Loved it when Kulasekara ripped through Dippenear. The ball hitting the wickets was like a gunshot.

The Pakistan V India game sounds amazing with Sehwag and Dravid having a 410 run partnership for the opening wicket. Sehwag scored the second fastest double century in 182 balls.
Shame about the bad light ruining yet another test match in Pakistan, pity they were only 3 runs short in the end as well from the world record partnership
What a match against the Sri Lankans. Congratulations Proteas, never gave up. The Lankans should have won it. With the short side boundaries at the Adelaide Oval I expected at least 30 more runs from South Africa.
poor ******** not scoring enough last night, hogg was bowling like a demon.

aussie were lucky they didnt get more much more they would hvae struggled
The whole racism thing seems to be gathering some steam with SA threatening to boycott future series with the Aussies, surely this is just some mindless yobbs or is there some wider issue with Australian Society?
yeah thats interesting, i hope it isnt the players (which i doubt)

but australia have gone over board lately with the raciasm mainly that big riot a few weeks bakc

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