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Video Editing software for making youtube videos


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Sep 23, 2008
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Hey I have about 60 or so Rugby games on my computer and I want to make an inspirational Youtube video with them please recommend me some software that is good for cutting and editing videos.

has to be compatible with windows however.
Windows Movie maker is vvvveeerrryyyy easy to use, I've used it for chopping up clips, adding text/music over them and the such, if you don't want to do anything fancy it's the best one to use (if you're using windows that is)

If it's not already on your computer you can get it here:
I can only think of two which is Windows Move maker as olyy said above, Its very easy to edit with but turns out with the crappest quality.
I know one called sony vegas 9 which i have but It is a very complicated Editing software... Usually like the pro editors use it to edit games and stuff.
I can give you the download but i might also add maybe i could edit it for you as im pretty good in sony vegas?
Did this before on windows movie maker...spent weeks creating a truly amazing video...tried dozens of times to upload...eventually gave up and deleted it off my computer only to find out a few days later that I had not saved it in the correct format....

WMM is pretty decent to be fair though
You could always download the free 30 day trial of Adobe Premiere (it appears with trial version available at the moment is CS5.5 and requires a 64 bit OS though). I've only ever used Premiere once, but didn't find it too dificult, although it's obviously going to be much more complicated than WMM, but will produce a much better final result.

Otherwise stick with WMM, the final result should easily be good enough quality for youtube.
Yeah I might, but I understand WMM doesn't have posts processing effects like Gaussian Blur and the like?

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