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Western force and the npc

Originally posted by esoj@Apr 13 2006, 06:35 PM
well this is interesting news indeed especially for the truth who doesn't watch the npc it seems.

basically some of the force player maybe playing in the npc after the super 14 finishes and th aussie club coaches aren't happpy about it

Well suck **** to those moron coaches! The quality of the city club comps are pathetic when compared to the NPC and the sooner the state unions acknowledge that the better! We need a national comp, and soon!
this is only gud for those force players....npc is nice and rugged..although its lost some of its grass roots appeal...the force players will get to experience some good 'ol fashioned' type rugby

i love npc...and i love watching players from other nations experience it...julian huxley played in the npc for 2 years,he is doing quite well now although he was a 10,12 in npc..hes a centre now for the reds

2 of the force players are already players for taranaki and have gained some notoriety throughout the seasons they played...hilgendorf and that otha kid...pretty gud players

force players will benefit from this
There is nothing here in Australia that's decent for top quality players, so it's a logical idea.
It's a great idea.

the NPC is miles above the comps that these guys would otherwise play for in Australia.

What would be wiser though is for the ARU to get cracking on a pro Australian comp, i am beginning to wonder whether that talk about using RWC03 money to start one up was just that: talk.

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