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What a coincidence!


Mr. Laxative

A terrible game for me. I played liked the real life brumbies did last night and lost 17-0 on hard to the blues. Any coincidences that u may have come across r welcome. Remember teams, score, where played and what compared to.
I beat Munster 24-10 in the final of the Heineken Cup with Brescia! Wait that never happened in real life.
Originally posted by Jacko@Apr 3 2005, 10:47 AM
What score? Was it in extra time?
no. i lost 27-7.
Has anyone actually played extra time?? If so is it just two exrta short halves or something, does it go to a dropout??
I played Crusaders V Tah's after last nights clash on hard. I won 35-10, usually they won't score a try against me, but I was so frustrated about the real match I made a couple silly errors.
ive played xtra time its just 1st score wins like try or drop goal n e point then its ova
I was playing a match as Crusaders and went to put up a bomb about 22m out. It gets charged and flies out to the wing where MacDonald collects it on the full, and offloads to Ralph for the try.

Real life version: The Crusaders Waratahs game, where Mehrtens tried to put put through the grubber, it gets deflected, MacDonald collects and passes it for a try.

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