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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Cam1505, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Cam1505

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    Before you read this keep in mind that this is MY opinion only, to avoid confrontation with other members.

    I just had a rude awakening when I played Madden NFL 07!! I think EA should be ashamed of themselves irrespective of other sports titles. Rugby is not even near PAR compared to Madden, NHL, NBA etc.

    Rugby is by far the most neglected sport in terms of video gaming. Seeing that the Rugby World Cup is the 3RD Biggest sport event in the world I think EA CAN'T in any way feel proud about their efforts to create a NEW rugby game which really is not so new in the true word of the sentence.

    I am astonished to see how much detail has gone into Madden 07 for example, Hall of Fame Superstar, Franchise, Mini Camp, 2 minute Drill, Create a Fan, Create a Team the list just goes on and on.

    To see things in a global context, rugby is an international sport and deserves better in spite of the fact that American Football is a local sport and receives twice as much publicity and promotional awareness, Rugby should be at the top with Madden concerning game quality.

    EA has used the SAME game engine for three consecutive years! Which intitially is a very simplisctic one and adds no extra dimension to the game.

    The graphics has not improved to the extent that you can call it revoluitionized.

    In actual fact EA had more than a year and a half to make a difference, but by the looks of things they did not utililize that time.

    Their creation of a NEW game consists of creative scoring :lol: classic matches :lol: and new camera angles!

    What a Joke!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

    I think the majority of TRF feels the same way!
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  3. nosferatu

    nosferatu Guest

    Keep in mind that Madden NFL 07 is the best selling game of 2006 (with more than 5 million copies on different platforms). From the $ point of view, rugby simply cannot compete, world cup year or not.

    There is a Madden legacy, yet not even the changes to this title (graphics, audio..), over the last years, are significant - and that's what EA Sports should really be ashamed of.
  4. cruz

    cruz Guest

    I really their superstar mode where u crete yourself...I was a massive black guy ahah
  5. nosferatu

    nosferatu Guest

    I was the league's sole white running back :p
  6. BigTen

    BigTen Guest


    "...Seeing that the Rugby World Cup is the 3RD Biggest sport event in the world..." Cam1505.

    I have to take umbrage with this.

    Surely along with the Football World Cup and the Olympics there is another sporting event that is bigger than the Rugby World Cup!?

    I can think of some of the regional football competitions such as the European Championships, Asian Championships and the South American. And then the Commonwealth Games must also be pretty big - look at all of the countries that are involved even though bloody Australia wins all of the medals. Also Tour de France, Superbowl, UEFA Champions League and the Winter Olympics must be right up there.

    As much as I love Rugby I, and most people on this forum, would be aware that rugby is a fairly low down on the world's most popular sport chart and the only way that the Rugby World Cup could be high up on the list is if there is some serious fudging of the viewing figures.

    But anyway back to the thread:

    I guess with EA it comes down to how much money they expect to make from the EA Rugby series and then how much money it is worth spending on developing the series. It would be great if they could piggy-back off all all of the advancements made by their other series but obviously it is more difficult than it appears to be.

    Ho-hum! We get what we get from EA and we have to be happy with that!
  7. Cam1505

    Cam1505 Guest

    Exactly that is what I reason towards, but I am concerned about the lack of depth, whilst you can occupy yourself with the madden game for at least six months in rugby 06/ rugby 08 same thing :lol: you can do it for one month if you are a seasoned rugby gamer

    I know that rugby will never compete, but don't tell me rugby 06 has done bad in terms of sale, I mean rugby is played worldwide and the population of rugby gamers are rich, seeing that it is such a highly enjoyable game.

    I assure you with the income that EA generated with previous rugby titles they can certainly afford to make significant changes to rugby titles in order to widen their perspective in terms of financial well being concerning rugby gaming in the future.

    In other words a better game will increase profits and thus they should better the game and look towards the future of the title.

    And that is the point referring to the Title of my Topic.
  8. Cam1505

    Cam1505 Guest

  9. BigTen

    BigTen Guest


    It is not that I am saying that I think that you are wrong when it comes to the Rugby World Cup being the third biggest sporting event in the world - iI have heard it referred to it as that before.

    I just question that as I simply do not believe it.

    I tend to question things that I do not believe to be true based on my intelligence and experience of the world. I realise that statistics can be manipulated easily to show whatever people want it to show.

    I will go through all of your "sources" one by one"


    This is a trade website - they want to show Australia in the best light possible and by saying that they have hosted a high profile event makes them look good. I especially like the bit where they say "the third-largest sporting event in the world...and with a global television audience estimated at 4 billion."

    Estimated? What? Don't they have any confirmed figures. You do realise that there are less than 4 billion people on this planet that have access to a tv set, right!?


    In this they refer to it as the third biggest sporting event in the world with "...the organizing (sic) committee predicts 2.4 million spectators at Rugby World Cup 2007, and the event is being broadcast by 250 networks to four billion TV viewers around the planet ..."

    Hmmm maybe if they say it enough people will believe it without any further proof. Predicts, estimates, guesses, wishes...fishes...sniff, sniff what's that smell?


    "...Setanta Sports North America ranks as one of the world's most viewed sporting events, behind only the Olympics and FIFA World Cup..."

    This sounds like an advertisement to me. Well in that case why don't you grab a world-famous burger from the BigTen Burger Bar - we have the best burgers in the world and that's a fact! It is called puffery and when it isn't backed up by any hard proof everyone knows, or should know, that puffery is an inflated claim that should not be relied upon for any factual basis.


    Oh hullo again they mention the third biggest sporting event again without any evidence. Someone must really believe in the school of thought that if you say something enough it must be true. Send me money to my PayPal Account and I'll send you ten times as much back, honest! Send me money to my PayPal Account and I'll send you ten times as much back, honest! Send me money to my PayPal Account and I'll send you ten times as much back, honest! Send me money to my PayPal Account and I'll send you ten times as much back, honest! Send me money to my PayPal Account and I'll send you ten times as much back, honest! Send me money to my PayPal Account and I'll send you ten times as much back, honest!

    Damn! It doesn't seem to be working. Back to school for me.


    Thanks for sending me to an Australian government website (can anyone say propaganda?) - although it was quite interesting reading about the similarities between rugby and international trade.

    "...Rugby World Cup will be the third largest sporting event in the world after the Olympics and the Soccer World Cup. The 1999 Rugby World Cup in Wales was attended by 1.75 million people and broadcast to a further three billion people in 150 countries, generating 70 million pounds in revenue..."

    Now let's have a look at that - 3 billion people and 70 millions pounds in revenue. I'd better get my calculator out to make sure I get this right. So that means that for every single person that "watched" the rugby world cup generated a huge 2 pence to the revenue. This must be the cheapest event in the world. How come I have to pay $60 a month for pay TV? Maybe I should just ask for the rugby world cup coverage and send them the 2 pence. I think that I have a couple of pennies lying around here somewhere. Maybe it was Cyprus Pounds?

    I am beginning to think that someone is fudging the figures for such a low return on viewer numbers.

    And oh yeah the article thanks Gordon Bray for it's inspiration - now I should really be suspicious.


    This is an advert - they would say that the rugby world cup cures cancer if they thought they would get away with it.


    This is a website for a company that sells packages to the world cup so of course they are going to try and talk it up as much as possible.

    Now that I have looked at all of the articles I am still unable to find any "proof" that the rugby world cup is the third biggest sporting event in the world.

    I would love it if someone could find me proof as I would love to rub it front of all of my Aussie Rules loving workmates and Aussie friends who foolishly think that Aussie Rules is the greatest game ever.

    But all you have given me is empty claims and empty claims do not constitute proof sadly.
  10. candybum

    candybum Guest

    lol wow
  11. davidson

    davidson Guest

    in terms of gaming, rugby just does not compete with sports games like madden.

    aus, nz & sa relatively small populations and comparatively low sale rates
    when compared to markets like the us and japan. ea rugby will almost entirely
    survive on european sales from the uk and france where rugby is a distant second
    to football in terms of player/ supporter rates.

    ontop of this, in the uk (and europe as a whole) madden sales will far outstrip ea rugby sales
    due to the cumulative growth of the franchises fanbase.

    whatever you think of them, ea know how to make money.
    and they arnt going to splash out on a game if they dont think theyll get the return.
    qed, they obviously arent getting a massive return on rugby.

    if we could just get the chinese and the indians on board then we might get a bit more attantion from ea
    but i reckon they are more likely to go the way of japan and go with football, baseball golf and such.
  12. cruz

    cruz Guest

    Do you not have a life?
  13. thomas

    thomas Guest

    truth is sad, but on a pure "TV audience" basis, the RWC is a minor event...

    I mean...

    Think Hockey, NFL Superbowl, Athletics, Football World Cup, Champion's league, Olympics (summer and winter games), UEFA Cup, Rolland Garros, Winbledon, ATP Tour, Tour de France, Giro, NBA, Baseball,... etc

    Rugby World is just not yet, the finished, polished article and the ultra-popular event that it should be...
  14. davidson

    davidson Guest

    well the actual world cup IS a huge event and is the third biggest sporting event behind only the olympics and the footy world cup. unfortunately the 6n and tri nations are regional comps and get far smaller audiences and well behind any international events are domestic comps.

    in those stakes nfl, nba, nhl etc dwarf audiences in terms of season long viewing.

    if the rest of the game could match teh success of the world cup, then the game would be massive.
  15. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    Do you not have a life?


    How does exposing an argument's flaw illustrate to you that a member has no life? I think it's a brilliant post that effectively challenge people like myself and you and Cam to look at things in a different perspective and not just accept everything that comes off the internet as the truth.

    Even if the rugby world cup was as big as these links suggest it is, the four billion viewers might not necisarrliy be gamers or, more probable be able to afford games/consoles computers each and every one?

    EA doesn't just make games for people to enjoy, they make games to make money. I agree that it's a shame we have an update instead of a new game but money talks, and it's obviously saying Madden sells better than Rugby doesn't it?
  16. Cam1505

    Cam1505 Guest

    Big Ten you honestly are tearing this thing out of proportion!

    I only used this "fact" or "myth" call it what you like! To comment on the situation that EA really could have done better to make Rugby 08 a more exciting prospect for us all.

    In fact I searched a few search engines to see if the above maybe has some substantial truth to it and I came up with these links. Just to make you see that I am not making it up.

    THE question that RWC is the 3rd largest event is not relevant to the fact that EA could certainly have done a better job to improve the game to the rugby gaming community's enjoyment.

    And I ask you do you have any proof that it is not the 3rd biggest sporting event besides your own opinion. IF not then you are not really justified to question the matter concerning this topic.

    Relevancy is a big issue here, Keep things bound to the topic not what is said to comment on the situation.

    I think we all want what is best for rugby's prosperity and I stated at the start of the topic that this my opinion, and in the name of rugby I think the Rugby gaming community deserves far better because I promise you the majority of this forum EAT, SLEEPS AND LIVES RUGBY.

    For the love of the game!! :bravo:
  17. I've said it from day one, EA rugby is disappointing not because they have the money to develop a decent game but because half the code is already there and requires modification from the madden series.

    As a fan of madden, although there are still room for improvements, the running game with sidesteps, hand offs, shimmys and wot not, along with their collision detection system for the big hits (including the soon to be revealed gang tackling in madden 08) would be perfect for rugby. im not a programmer so im aware its not as simple as im making it sound, but surely EA's resources woudl be better used into modifying an engine already proven than creating one off the woefully inadaquate fifa series, which most footy fans will tell u is outshine in every way by konamis engine.

    i do not buy the argument that rugby won't sell as muhc therefore we should be happy wiht what we have got; that's one of the reasons itself why EA can release a shoddy update as a new game and expect fans to lap it up year after year. Fact is, although the rugby series has improved slightly every yr, the game is still poor and bares little resemblance to the game we all love (which genius was behind the rucking system?). Create a DECENT game with ONLINE options and then make evaluations based on sales and profits. Hell, its one month away from release and theres not even a website, lol
  18. BigTen

    BigTen Guest


    Firstly I agree that EA is dragging the chain when it comes to developing a decent rugby game. By my calculations EA Rugby 2005 was probably the equivalent to FIFA '99 (or maybe just slightly better) and Rugby 2006 was around FIFA 2000. I can't compare it to any of the Madden series as I have not played them enough.

    But from an EA perspective why release an awesome rugby game now when you can drag five or six versions out and potentially get 5 or 6 times the revenue. Especially as the differences between 05, 06 and 08 are really just basic updates.

    It's a shame - but it is what happens in a monopoly-like situation.

    Now back to rugby being the third largest sporting event in the world. My point is that as much as us rugby supporters would like to think that rugby is super popular and that it deserves an awesome game I just don't think that is rated as high internationally as we would like.

    You asked me if I had proof that rugby was not the third largest sporting event in the world and my answer is quite simply and sadly; yes!


    It brings me no joy to highlight this - I would love it if rugby was the biggest sporting event in the world but it isn't nor is it the third biggest sporting event in the world. And no matter how many times people say that it is doesn't change the facts.

    And as to the matter of whether I have no life or not - the sad answer is that I don't have one tonight. I am going to the rugby tomorrow and it will be a big night. I will be getting up early on Sunday and off for some skiing on Mt. Buller in Victoria, Australia. At 8.30pm on Sunday I have my indoor football final so I am trying to rest up as much as possible.

    I am going to be very tired at work on Monday but it's work so who cares if I am operating at 25%. Haha!
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