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What about Province?



Looking back at Province and the Stormers and what they could bag out of the season so far it's all but good.The best thing that could have happened this year was the appointment of a new coach (Rassie)So even if they don't make it this year I am sure that next year will be better for both the Stormers and Province.Boy do they need a good season again.It's been ages since anyone in Cape Town could have something "uplifting" to say about their beloved Province.My point is simple.A good coach can make a bad side play good rugby but a bad coach cannot even make a good side play good rugby.Let's hope that Rassie can bring back some pride and passion to Newlands. :bravo:
Now that is eccelnt said there, I am also a stormer supporter. Thanks for that one your 100% correct. and you will see Rassie WILL make a differince

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