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What camera settings do you guys use?



Hey guys, im having a bit of trouble selecting the right camera. Im having a bit of trouble see what opposition player has the ball and subsequently let them carve right through my backline. What camera settings do you guys use and what is the best for both attack and defence. If you guys use custom settings id be interested to hear those settings as well. Basically what camera works best to make it feel like a rugby telecast but enables you to both see the attackers so you can tackle them and get a clear view of your backline in order to execute set plays. (ps. hope this is the right place to post this)
I used to use side camera angle basically because I'd always used it. I find it very useful for judging distance from players so tackling was easy. However I couldnt get a clear view of my backline or the opposition so I switched to end on and I get a much better view of backlines and more importantly gaps in the opposition one. I do however find it harder to judge tackling distance for dive tackles etc with this one.

It's really up to you to test for yourself which you find easiest.
yeah i use end on as well and customize it. bring the camera a little closer to the ground and players. just have a play around with the customizing option .
I use close side-cam. It's real close for forward play, and backs off quite a bit for back-play, but not so far that I can see the fullback to early.

That'd send the game from easy to too easy.
End on, sometimes ill have it as close as possible to make it as difficult as possible when through a gap but usually ill just have it a bit closer in open play

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