What Changes Would You Like For Rugby 06

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by jacob, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. jacob

    jacob Guest

    What changes would you like to see from Rugby 2005 for Rugby 2006. Here is a few I would like to see.

    (1) More Camera angles only 2 on Rugby 05 were playable and they were too far away
    (2) More realistic rugby ref decisions there should be penalities for late tackles,early tackles,handling in the ruck,offside,collapising the mall. In rugby 05 comptuer never goes offside and u can tackle late and early.
    (3) The forward player should be able to break more tackles as they are stronger.
    (4) Players should be able in the tackle. some times
    (5) Be able to decide what type of weather and the time of day u want to play in.
    (6) Different types of weather conditions eg snowy, heavy rain,muddy like in rugby 2004
    (7) Tour mode where countries like Ireland,england etc can tour countries like South Africa. New Zealand
    (8) More licences
    (9) In lions mode be able to play as home country
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  3. Here are my requirements (even if they are listed on the previous)

    Offside problem sorted
    High Tackles AND get penalised for them
    More cards, yellow AND red
    Tackling off the ground results in penalty
    More licenses, preferebly Guinness Premiership at least, and maybe the Celtic League
    Offloads occur more
    Fighting can result in penalties and cards, but it is your choice to fight/have a scrap
    Grounds updated i.s english stadia...instead of basics. (Franklins Gardens)
    Graphics touched up here and there.
    Game searched for bugs, BIG TIME

    Career mode featuring not just league matches, such as the Guinnes Premierhip with The EEC or the HEC to compete for aswell as the Powergen/Anglo cup.

    Real life referees such as:
    Chris White
    Tony Spreadbury
    David Rose

    AND you get to choose which referee to have officiating, each referee has different stats such as awareness, strictness etc

    More camera angles

    More up to date teams, and statistics i.e World rankings etc

    Club mascots appear in the game, like Bernie the St Barnard for Northampton (not being biast here, honest [​IMG] )

    Official balls like Web Ellis and that other company.....damn I forget its name...DUH me...

    Thats about it really until I post again laters...
  4. jacob

    jacob Guest

    I would agree with everything that you have would make a great game
  5. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Why not just put Steve Lander in there n'all. Than we can all hate the friigin thing even more!
  6. cavan

    cavan Guest

    what about Paul Honiss - "Talk to your Players" [​IMG]
  7. Steve Lander has retired, otherwise it would be there, don't worry [​IMG]
  8. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Easy... put in historical refs as well. Oh yeah and Andre Watson!

    Absolutely love him... you know being a brumbies supporter, cough!
  9. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Just to add, offloads would be nice! Not to mention a TOTAL overhaul of the animation system! As the current one massively constricts control and movement of the players...
  10. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    The abilty to shove a touch flag up Jonathon Kaplan's date
  11. mef

    mef Guest

    I also think there should be something added so that the BaaBaa's wear their club socks. Just to add a bit of realism. Im sure this was raised a while ago too
  12. jeffb

    jeffb Guest

    I`d like an editor to edit Team Names, Staduim name and an editor for the Kits, as in madden football.

    Then i`ll be happy as a pig in ****.
  13. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    some of those things i think need to be in the game, dont need real refs thats not important.

    i agree about the tackling and the camera views.

    and definatly about the ai commiting penalties as well. more forward passes 2. well at least be called forward. (i think i have had 1 for me and 1 against me)

    ai offside definatly.dont think we need more yellow/red cards it doesnt rally add to the game, it doesn't happen that often (well before the last 2 weeks it didnt')

    thats just what i think atm
  14. DC

    DC Guest

    manager mode, make it so players progress, get older, get better etc.

    be able to scout youth players in your country, be able to scout foreign players who are not on a club, negotiate with a player in the super 14 to come and play for your english club and vice versa

    manager mode international

    make it so you can develop your system with the u16-21 teams, have training in there, make it so theres multiple seasons of international, like every four years have the WC, then have tests in between, players get old, retire, etc. get better, call guys up against a weak opponent so they can get some experience...

    stadium editor, edit stadiums, add on to stadiums, build new stadiums, sign and cut sponsorship deals, design uniforms and so on..

    career mode you start out at 16-18 years of age with modest skill level(based on how you do at a training camp at the beginning), then through training, playing club rugby(with made up or real clubs), move up through the ranks until your playing big time rugby in the super 14 or any other "premier" league, and playing internationally,progressing in skill every season depending upon your performance, then once you get older your skill will start to decline you'll be cut internationally or forced to retire, then its over but then "the next generation" starts, and the cpu would generate a random child of yours with inherited attributes, say you were the fastest man in rugby at one point, your 18 year old would start out with 80 speed compared to the average start of say 73 or so..and they dont have to be the same position... then you can play through several generations, the ultimate goal of each is to become the best player in rugby/ or the captain of the international team you play for

  15. bman2112

    bman2112 Guest

    Loads in terms of gameplay - if they sort that crap out (which they won't) i'd love an on-line option.

    Giving it to Wally would be great [​IMG]

    Has to have a microphone option!
  16. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    id like to see vid refs,quick taps,line outs, better forward play, better tackle options
    better commentary, improved ball physics, better kicking system, more accurate ratings, better inidividual player stats.
  17. BigTen

    BigTen Guest

    How about a referee mode - where you can harass the ref when decisions go against you. The more you do it the more chance you will get penalised but if you get it just right then the ref will start awarding you penalties and sending the opposition's players off.

    And if you have a player like Gregan then the refs will send his stupid, lazy, fat, no-good arse straight to the bin even if he thinks about talking back to the ref.
  18. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    No way. If HB try and do something that complicated, we a will see a frustrating ammount of bad decisions and annoying glitches.

    Hell, they can't even recognise if a player has touched the dead ball line before grounding the ball for a try.

    I think that the only way to get a decent rugby game out of HB is by having them not bother with gimmicks and just focus on core gameplay. They can add a decent franchise mode, but anything else will detract from time that could have been better spent.
  19. nik

    nik Guest

    like all other player attributes such as speed, handling, passing etc etc..
    there needs to be a skills attribute...
    it was very difficult to pull off a sidestep to beat a fullback...in R 05 and i dont think fends and shoulder barges were correctly implemented.

    the skills attribute would determine the effectiveness of a player's skill and how easily then can pull it off...such as a sidestep, fend, shoulder barge (dropping the shoulder)..offloads

    ofcoz...fends, shoulder barges will also need to be determined by power/strength attribute.

    the main reason RL1 was more fun to play is because you can pull of fends, sidesteps, offloads and break tackles creating clean line breaks.
  20. aussie1st

    aussie1st Guest

    More commentators
    Better gameplay
  21. running on to the ball
    no gap in the midfield
    more set moves
    smoother running and passing
    20 X BETTER A.I
    a quality career mode
    more indepth in the super12/heineken cup season modes
    correct player stats
    or all players editable
    better create a player-MORE INDEPTH
    create a team options
    new commentators
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