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what should i do?



i e-mailed the coach of my local U19 team, and the team is full. i have no other way to practice or play until next year. i'm really disappointed that i can't play.

i assume i still could play, but i really would'nt get much play time. help please? thanks.
will they let u practice with them?? you never know you may impress them and win a place in the team
i hope they would.

i'm still thinking about what i'm going to say when i e-mail him back.
yeah ask if you can come out and practice with them - if it's not possible that's bull****, and i would look around for other local clubs even if it's adult level, or ask a college or uni team if you could just train with them
How old are u? oh 16... damn, should read that little age thing below the avvie.. anyway, you can mutilate one of the guy who goes to the club and who plays the same post as u... then he will have one free room in the squad right!?
or just train with the seniors... that is soo much fuN! trust me, i'm a crazy ass tackler now because I've been playing with seniors since I was 16, although not full time by then, played 1st team seniors at 17 :)

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