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Whats the best controller to buy?



as the topic suggests I'm looking to buy a pc game controller.

mainly for rugby 2005 but eventually other games as well.
what do most of you use and what ones are the most reliable etc

any help would be much appreciated

buy the ps2 controller a (cheap one) and the usb adaptor. prob about twenty quid in total then use the joy to key in the pinned stuff and set the controller to the ps2 controls.as god intended.

seriously tho. i had ps2 and pc versions and that worked out quite well.
you can get an adaptor from play.com for about 10 quid. It allows you to plug two ps2 controllers in. It's a very good buy.
This has been a BIG issue for me. I already had an adapter for connecting up to 4 X box controllers to my pc. This worked fine for PES4, where 4 of us could hook up to the pc and play in the same game.

HOWEVER - PES4 allows you to re-configure your buttons very easily. This is not possible with rugby 2005, the game has no option for re-configuring your gamepad controls.

So, the only way to re-configure your gamepad controls in rugby 2005 is to :

- use JoytoKey or profile your gamepad so that each button has a corresponding KEYBOARD key, then select keyboard for the control option and effectively the gamepad becomes your keyboard. This won't work though, the controls will be too over sensitive due to the gamepad-keyboard interface.


- get a gamepad that allows you to re-map your buttons. I've since got a Rumblepad 2 which is quite a good pad (clones the PS2 pad) but you can't re-map buttons.

If you can't re-configure the controls you could have a major problem if you can't get on with the default button mapping. My rumblepad 2 default controls are not ideal but I can't do anything about it for the above reasons.

It really sucks that you can't re-map the buttons, what's the point having all that profiling software when you simply can't make a button do a different task in your particular game.

I can in fact re-map the buttons on my x-box to pc adapter, but the drivers are so f****d up that it's hit or miss whether it saves the changes I make.

I recommend you go for a pad which allows you to actually re-map all buttons, so that, say, button 2 can be made button 4, etc.

Not sure if the PS2 adapter allows you to do that, I'll ask my mate and get back to you.

Good luck !
My PS2 pad started screwing me around, so I got myself a Saitek P880 Dual Analogue pad. Really good solid buy, can't really go wrong with it.

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