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What's up with Munster?



Winners of the Heineken Cup are now lying seventh in the positions and now we will play the Scarlets in Wales :rahh:
But what has destroyed us?

Halstead not playing and directing the back-line and defense?

Our line-out messing up and not even looking like what it was last year?

Our forwards not standing up when it really matters?

Axel being injured and decreasing the experience of our back-row?

The tactics being completely wrong?

Your decide and tell me why..
Halstead missing seems to be the biggest problem for me.

Junkie Sheahan has always had problems with his throwing, hence why he wasn't picked for Ireland. Flannery will be starting at Llanelli, so lineout will be fine, he's also a better scrummager and that'll be seen when he's played a few more games.

O'Connell has lost the plot a bit, his form is shite and his captaincy throughout the competition has been overly arrogant, no respect for the opposition and so many wrong calls made.

It wasn't Foley missing that was the problem for Munster, it was Quinlan, his form has been superb this season.

Jesus though one home loss and suddenly the walls have come tumbling down. Munster don't give a **** about the ML and will be going to Llanelli in the perfect mindset, backs to the wall with something to prove.
We can still beat the Scarlets away, it's probably the best thing for Munster.. Being under-dogs, we love it..
Remember Leinster last year?
Munster have been turning down easy penalty opportunities and getting away with it all year. They were bound to get found out. ROG's inability to defend and the unbalanced backline hardly helped.
the other teams also get better. the whole goal of these teams is to constantly develop and improve, munster could simply be finding that the same equation isn't quite as potent as it was the year before.
I agree with CanadianRugbyGuy, the Heineken Cup seems to get better and better every year and I don't necessarily think Munster have got worse, other temas have improved massively, Llanelli being the best example.

The problem with Munster though is (at the risk of stereotyping) they rely too much on their forwards. People keep telling me how great their back line is and they now have a varied game but when I see them they seem to drift sideways and are easy to defned against. Evidence perhaps they are missing Halstead big time?

That said Leicesters effort was nothing short of Herculean, they were fantastic and the best team in every facet of the game. The scoreline actually flattered Munster I felt. That said I wouldn't rule them out at this stage the bloody-minded buggers!!!
Howard admitted that Leicester were pretty much right at their best in the match and Munster were considerably below par yet they only just won the game.

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