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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Mr. Laxative, Apr 26, 2005.


Aggresive or Conservative?

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  1. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    I want to know how u play the game. I play half and half and mix the strategy up a bit from week to week, but i am mostly aggresive. In their face with defence and running at angles with pace in attack. This gameplan seems to push the opposition moving back a fair bit, also tactical kicking is being considered aggresive in this thread. If u r conservative and kick the ball long plz say so and tell me why u think it is so good.
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  3. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    im fijian so its pass pass pass pass pass pass....run....pass pass pass...try!

    flair flair flair flair!
  4. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Well, not a bad idea. That is the way to play against england on hard as well. No kicking. Move up to the defence and keep tapping pass until u gt to the winger it draws everybody.
  5. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    I guess on defence i am aggressive, always going for the charge down/tackle on the first five, in their face all the time. also on offence, if on hard and with a weaker team (ie world league starting which i have started a few times) i try to box kick for touch (half back kick) and try win the ball again (though doens't work to well with crappy jumpers).

    i try and keep the ball in as close to touch as i can and make them either kick it out or run it near the sideline.

    its a legitimate stratagy (like camping [​IMG] )
  6. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Run the c*** from anywhere. From behind the try line is sensational.
  7. even though it would be hard not to play agressively, i think it would be fun to play conservative game.
  8. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    Sometimes I start a game by kicking into touch and playing for territory. Then I get bored and just heave the ball to the backs and score lots of tries. It gets very easy when you have a quick winger. Just do short passes to the forwards to get momentum, hit is up with your first or second 5/8th which brings the defence in, and pass it to the wing who then has lots of space to run around the defender. Run inwards then suddenly outwards to beat the fullback.
  9. Black|Raven

    Black|Raven Guest

    rugby is aggressive.......why would you want it any other way......run, run, run, pass, pass, pass, caucau........TRY!!!!

    conservative- kick, tackle, catch, kick, hope the fullback drops it......nope!....tackle, tackle, tackle, catch, run, kick......GAY!
  10. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    Depends what kind of squad you send out on the pitch. If you have a good stand off like Mehrtens, with a good jumper, Jack for instance. You can play conservatively, kicking for distance, stealing lineout, rince, repeat. Alternatively throw out CauCau and Habana and run it aggresively. It's good to have a go at both.
  11. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Are you trying to have fun? Or appease some imaginary nation that demads results from you at all costs? lol!?

    Shesh - how 1d is that?
  12. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    whats wrong with that?? the imaginary nation is the person playing the game i bet he always wants results isn't that why we play the game? to win? doesn't matter how ya play as long as we win and have fun doing it, he might like to play that way and have fun. i must agree, i play that way alot as well [​IMG] though once i got myself some good fast men i just enjoyed running around a bit as well [​IMG] but until i get those guys i play territory [​IMG]
  13. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    If you can run in tries with **** players (like a ninja training with weights on his limbs) - how do you think I go with good teams/ good backs against the AI and in 1 on 1s?


    The kick into corner thing should be done only with ZERO players in a WL game....otherwise go play chess or something - cos in rugby people don't kick for touch in the opposition half....that is both: no fun AND not realistic.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained.....

    Beat Munster last night 86-3......(20 minute game on hard).....It was with Northampton Teh Mite! You would have wept with the beauty of it - they were eight different try scorers in the game - including three run in from sweeping moves by Naevo (lock), Van Niekirk (flanker) and Smith (flanker)...wahooooooo!!

    I play 3 WLs - one with no players, one with no forwards over 35 and no backs over 90 speed (good fun and sometimes challenging - only one forward at the moment -but still won all titles with it) and a WL with a team that fights game over by having to rack up 300 points every season or go bust - hahaha! It is the awesomest team EVER!!!!

    I have Pichot and the fastest player in the game (onahota) on the bench!! [​IMG]
  14. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    It's all about variety. Get one team and run it up and another team where it's all about tactics. If you just go for tries all the time and beat the opposition by 50+ that gets old quick. Limit yourself to certain strategies (forward heavy, kicking, only set plays) makes it more of a challenge and keeps it fresh. Don't like that? fine, stick to trearin up the pitch to get to a century... good on ya
  15. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Rather than intentionall trying to be play worse then you can (you are only fooling yourself into a challenge) - play with a worse team that can atatck - like Fiji on hard in world cup etc......jeez, get the fun back into your game bro AND the challenge.

    Skill and dexteriy is what gets you tries in the backs....it is only with out this that people kick etc.....I kick when I NEED to and run when I CAN - that is rugby (at least down in these here parts).
  16. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    kick for territory, then run the ball looking for gaps around the fringes of the scrum to build up momentum - especially on the blind side. Then I spin it wide, trying to switch the play left and right to confuse the defense.

    Use hand off special move often.

    Try and vary the pace with the backs. Slow run looking to draw the man then put someone through the gap at pace. Occasionally works.

    Don't use set moves much apart from classic (X) and pivot chip move.

    Occasional bomb or grubber kick to vary things a bit

    Go for the points with drop goals when I have the chance.

    Very aggressive tackling, using the dive tackle button for every hit.

    Always try and put men in the ruck with one tap of the button when defending - means you can turn the ball over without sucking too many many in.
  17. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    I like to play so it's a challenge but if I play a good game I can win. I bought a FH CT and FB, a prop, a hooker, and a lock so far. Nobody super good. I still play Smith and Nawali at center or wing and I go with the original SH. When Crossla nd or Zwicker score for me it pumps me up. I have a little bit of loyalty to the fellas who got me through DIV III in the first place. Sometimes I kick to pin them deep in their end and sometimes a play wide open and get some long tries. I can still lose once in awhile if I have some bad luck. I personally have no desire to win by over 10 pts in every game. It's much more exciting to me if it comes down to the wire.

    It's like NCAA football for me. As soon as I win the national title with a team I switch to the worst team in the game and get my ass kicked for a couple years.
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