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where are the names of TRF members?



hey guys
where are the names of TRF members in the game?

im trying to find myself
Hey guys I am in Rugby 2005 and PES 5 its called player creater
That is a bit of a disappointment about RC 2006 as I would quite happily have made all the players for the Southern Hemisphere.
can we make requests for people who already have the game to look us up? If anyone's interested let me know. I'm dying to find out how bad i am!
i cant seem to find myself

anymore info on how to do this?
career mode mystifies
I wonder, someone said they could only find about 12, maybe you get more as you get more money, or am I in the S12? Cos didn't they ask for nationality.
can someone with the game, and alot of spare time on there hands, find the players from our very own trf 1st 15, and show there stats?

im looking at you st h...
Apparently you only start out with a handfull of TRFers (or Turfs, as I like to call our e-ethnicity) and you can find more Turfs later on in the Transfer market or whatever... Young up and comers I think.... Guess you'll have to play it for a while.

Personally, I hope I'm somewhere near the middle of the career mode, so it doesn't take that long to build my stats up to something decent.... if that's how it works...

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