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Which has been the most exciting first round match?

I would say South Africa-Tonga, Ireland-Georgia, Wales-Fiji and Argentina-Ireland.

Argentina-France was an ugly game. None of them played a nice rugby. Although it was exciting because it was the first game and also because Argentina defeated the French team. And the Pumas try was nice, if Agulla would not intercept that ball, I would have been a French try.
South Africa - USA was really exciting today as well as all the previously mentioned games, roll on the quarter finals!
For me, the 2 games that stood out as the most exciting, were the 2 "sudden death playoffs" of this weekend. Wales/Fiji and Scotland/Italy were the 2 most exciting games. Both produced all the drama of what they essentially were- knock-out matches. In both games, the result was in doubt until the final whistle. And although both were completely different in style and conditions played, both were magnificent games of rugby!

Wales and Fiji ran each other off their feet in what was a brilliant advertisement of running rugby. And Italy and Scotland fought each other to a bloodied standstill in what epitomised all that test rugby is about- no single inch on the field being given up, every millimetre fought over. Classic stuff by all 4 those teams!
South Africa - USA was really exciting today as well as all the previously mentioned games, roll on the quarter finals!
Oh, ESPN+ (Argentina) did not broadcast that game today. They spent two hours after the match talking with the Pumas. I would like to watch that game. I think i will have to download it.
I think Fidji-Galles is the most exciting match of the first round but I think france-new zealand was the most of the second round
I have to take 3 games:
Argentina vs Ireland for all that match represents for the 2 teams.
Fiji vs Wales a game with a lot of emotions.
SA vs Samoa for the great game.
For me the top 3 are:
South Africa - Tonga
Wales - Fiji
Ireland - Argentina

Those were the best games I've seen so far ;)
Argentina vs Ireland, the comentary team was from argentina and they ware going crazy whit the hernandez drops, and the o'gara vs contepomi match was a greate addon
I suspect I shall be the only one suggesting the Canada v Japan match - the technique and quality might not have been of the very top drawer but for sheer drama and excitement it was hard to beat.

However, the chief point to come from this discussion is what a magnificent set of matches we have been treated to so far. Long may it continue.
Ireland v Georgia and Tonga v South Africa.

I cant really say the Wales Fiji match was too exciting, i found it more nailbiting than anything else.

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