Who Agrees about rucks and mauls?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by lionmaul, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. lionmaul

    lionmaul Guest

    From the looks of the first looks at the game seems like it is going to be a simple add players button to the rucks. Why can't they create a more involved system???
    Mauls and Rucks in particular are a big part of rugby. Rugby 2001 had a good system, it was just that the animation and the speed in which it happened was no good but it could been tweaked to be a good system. It feels like it is a game developed for backs or the casual gamer, there is alot more to rugby then passes and kicks, half of the battle if not most of the battle is fought in the trenches of the ruck, and it would be nice to control this aspect of the game, not just pressing the button like a mad person to try and get your player there first. It should be a three part system turn into the player get to the ball and either pass the ball if no oponent or if oponent arrives, then you have to dig and push up and down on the analog, the first player to do this would win the ruck. Of course the amount of players that arrive there and there rucking stats would make a difference. I don't know maybe somthing similar to this but please somthing more involved then smashing the add player button.

    For mauls there should be a way to attempt to start one and if succesfull, you will have a chance to move the ball foward but if your attempt to start the maul fails then you are driven back considerably. Hopefully I am wrong and they have created a better system. Maybe it simple because it is on easy difficulty, Locks if you know please let us know, thanks.

    Cheers and Salu
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  3. Lion, that's what I'm thinking.

    As you can see in the vids, there is a power bar with the teams color showing who is dominating. I can only assume this enforces strength of ruck, and not just amount of players, otherwise they might have gone with that slack pseudo-ruck that showed exactly how many players you had in there from Rugby 2001.

    Again, I'm only assuming.
  4. it looks like to me you add players with x and use control stick to use power - simple
  5. From the ingame footage:

    At 1:16, Lox's ruck, given the options on d-pad to:
    L- Classic; D- Pocket; R- Pivot; U- Dummy switch

    The hells pivot mean? Never heard that.

    I like how for Lox's defensive ruck at 2:05, given the defensive options to:
    L- Standard; D- Tight; R- Wide; U- Kick
  6. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    Go play some Rugby 2004 captain, and do some Pivot moves from the scrum. [​IMG]
  7. You cannot make me play Rugby 2004. No one can. I refuse.

    Still, what's a pivot?

    Is it when the scrum-half takes off running?

    Is it when you pass to a charging forward?

    In the immortal words of Mike Patton from Faith No More, "WHAT... IS... IT?"
  8. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    speaking of R2004 ...

    I just went and bought R2001 off Amazon on the cheap to tie me over until mid-march... its a used copy so I'm gettin it for £5 inc. P&P ... had considered rebuying R2004 for a while, but the thought of waiting 10 minutes for a crappy match to load was too off-putting (and it still cost around £12!!!) ...

    I need a rugby fix!
  9. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    It's a move in the backline. Just play Rugby 2004 and select Pivot from the scrum, it will show you what it is!! [​IMG]

    Edit - Ok, I won't make you play Rugby 2004. The ball get's passed to the first reciever, who passes it to the second. The first reciever runs across field and gets the ball back from the second reciever.
  10. umosay

    umosay Guest

    I think the ruck and maul system is ok, at least we have some control rather just watching out players join randomly. That rolling maul from Eng is classic - too bad jonny can't kick 50m drops though
  11. Pivot?

    That's an absolutely crap way to describe that play.

    We used to call it 'Blue Devil' -- now that's a name.

    Pivot my ass.

    Oh, thanks JJ.

    To't topic, we'z gonna have to wait and see just how interactive the rucks and mauls feel when we finally play it ourselves. Would be great to catch a team off-guard and roll a maul for 30+ meters as New Zealand did to Wales in the '87 RWC.
  12. shiznit

    shiznit Guest

    a pivot is the name for your 1st reciever.
    so a pivot move is a move where the ball goes to your 1st reciever (usually your 1st five) and the play runs off of the pivot.
    its used more in Rugby League than Rugby Union.

    hope that helps abit.
  13. lionmaul

    lionmaul Guest

    Yea, I am Argentinian and We love are Mauls to. If it wasn't for mauls we would probably lose another 50% of our games. Here is a cheer to good old Argentinian steak. [​IMG] The mauls do seem like they do have a little more involved system, bind and then push.
    cheers and salu
  14. Even if you lost your mauls, you'd still beat the hell out of my US Eagles.

    I still remember that golden day, I think it was in 1996, when we almost beat you.

    But almost doesn't count.

    Back to topic, yeah, I'm hoping (and it looks like) the mauls are more involved, especially with the 'move' command with one of the analogue sticks -- but, we'll see it when we play it.
  15. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    love the mauls in lox's vids they look intimidating.....the ruck animations look the same as 2004 but obviously with better graphics and faster

    i love how the scrum half does a diving pass aswell......

    wonder if u can wheel/change direction of a maul?.....o and everyones question wen you have a maul over the try line in rugby 2005 will the maul drop for a try or do ya have to take it out like all the other games?
  16. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    remem asking locks the same sorta question, tho he said forward play is not really his style, I think he said something about being able to drive forwards or wheel/change direction of the scrums and mauls (look in the first page of "Your Worries" thread for his answers...)

    not so sure if they will allow you to just drop the maul to score a try tho... seeing as X is the score try button, I think it may have been said that X allows you to have the player keep control of the ball as opposed to pass when he takes it from a scrum/maul/ruck... so perhaps a press of X to take the ball (once over the line) and then X again to score the try might achieve the same thing...

    or they could just automate the maul going down once you've crossed the line as opposed to making you choose to do it - 'cuz lets face it, in real life and a maul gets that far, how often do you not score?
  17. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    true....they shud drop....alot of rugby sims have the scrum half taking it and having a try.....wait either they can have an option to drop...that cud result to gambling and turning into a try or a held up.
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