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Who is really is the fastest player on rugby 06



The stats say that D.Onohata from Japan has the fastest speed rating on the game, yet if he is being chased by J.Robinson with a speed rating of 91 he gets caught.

Whats with that I also got chased by B.Habana and he caught me when I was controlling D.Howlett but then a few minutes later I was D.Howlett and I chased him down anybody have any answers??
i think player with the ball are made a bit slower.. i think, just like in real life i suppose. But i never really noticed that in the game

Rupeni's pretty quick on this game
The way I gauge a players speed is I make my fullback take the kickoffs leaving nobody to defend then kick it towards the cpu wing and let him run away with it then get somebody to chase and see it they make any ground on the cpu
Habana in my opinion on Rugby '06 is ridiculously slow. Give him a bit of time and space on the wing with nothing but a straight forward run to the line and very rarely will he make it and score the try.
It doesn't quite emulate what he is capable of in real life.
The player with the ball will always be a touch slower, but thats a good thing if you are playing the AI, or else you would score even more tries. Though its not as fun when they have the ball cause then they would score more tries. they havnt really got the balance right yet. Elite level should give the AI a little bit more pace out wide with the ball than what we have with the ball, or at least some kind of slider.
all running in 06 is too fast in comparison to real life - espescially in the forwards

and passing out wide is way too slow...

like you said - they havent got the balance right
Acceleration also has an effect, that Jap guy, while he has 98 speed only has 86 acceleration while Jason Robinson has 91 speed, but 99 acceleration so he preety much hits top speed instantly.

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