Who will have the trump card ?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by knowsleyroader, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Who will play the trump card this year in the rugby gaming world and what will that trump card be ?

    The contenders being

    1 Ea Rugby 2005
    2 WCR 2
    3 Possible sequel to NRL Rugby League

    I would say the ultimate trump card would have to be online gaming including tournaments you could set up and play continually i.e leagues and cups. I wouldnt like to hazzard a guess as to who will be the one to come up with it if any.

    WCR maybe the favorite to achieve this as I think they have a solid engine to tinker with maybe having more man hours to devote to this kind of feature.
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  3. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    The trump card will be the first developer to create realistic and obsorbing gameplay.........

    Not much point playing a game online when that game is not even worth playing (or is too buggy to play....)

    Odds must be on SJRL as it has by far the best base to work from with their first title. Rugby 2005 is starting afresh with a brand new engine, and WCR 2 would have to change its whole approach if it wishes to cross over into the "realistic" sports game market.
  4. To be honest I think NRL and to a point WCR have already achieved a firm base in the gameplay stakes. I can play both games quite happily for many, many hours. Obviously EA Rugby has a lot of ground to make up in these stakes but its a possibility with the right team and EA's huge resourses that they could achieve this.

    So I believe a trump card as I put it could just be the deciding factor between the three and I think online gaming or a solid franchise are the things that would enable a company to steal us gamers away.
  5. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Personally I can't play any of the three rugby games anymore.

    Rugby 2004: How many reasons could I put down.......????

    SJRL: The gameplay AI, and things outside the players control (ie. Headhighs and lack of defense by computer controlled team-mates) become too annoying to be enjoyable for long.......best of the three though.

    WCR: Way too arcadey to satisfy people wanting to play "realistic" rugby.

    None of these games have got the basic gameplay right of running rugby, defensive capability, passing, kicking and set piece/breakdown resolution.
  6. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    I agree

    I dont own any of them anymore

    however i feel WCR was the best overall

    Atleast u could have fun in 2 player mode.

    Was very arcady but also very fun indeed

    Lil grubbers and run past the FB with Lote was always a roof raiser!!!!
  7. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Yeah, at least it was bloody smooth and free flowing - loads better than rugby2004
  8. fozzy

    fozzy Guest

    I thought WCR was the best of the bunch, purely because it ran smoothly and there were no huge glitches. NRL was good but was just a bit underdone. Scoring off scrums was a huge problem.

    I actually think Rugby 2005 will be the best as the new innovations in relation to moves on-the-fly and tackling sound promising. The graphical improvements also look impressive.

    NRL could be the game with the most potential. I think league is much easier to replicate as a video game and thus will be most faithful to the real game experience.

    WCR2, I suspect that the AI will still be a problem. Despite this, I think if the balance between attack and defense is corrected (like in Lomu) I don't think any AI deficiencies will be as detrimental as they were in WCR.
  9. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    WCR2 will be good, because the Swordfish only came to the forum when the [original] game was nearing completion [and therefore none of our suggestions would have been put in].

    This time they will (hopefully) listen to us and a good game should be produced.
  10. pip

    pip Guest

    I know I will be castigated for this but... (Yes, yes I know @#$all etc etc etc)

    I am more excited over 2005 than WCR2. For the simple fact that EA are seemingly putting a little effort and money into this one. (Not saying that Swordfish aren't)

    WCR was for me not nearly as good as most make out. After the first night I was cursing because of the button bashing, the ability to sprint for a mere 20 metres and the general lack of depth. (Just what the f@#$ck was that goal kicking angle all about?)

    I probably spent a thousand more hours on 2004 than I did on WCR because of the career mode and S12. You see despite all its flaws (and you all know there are millions) it tried to be a rugby simulation. WCR was Pacman in rugby shirts, except Pacman could only sprint for 20 metres....Oh stuff it, for me WCR was blatant crap. If I remember what some had to say about the game it makes me feel its the most overrated game ever and some here make it out as flawless.

    If I had to choose either to play for the rest of my life it would be R2004...

    (let the insulting begin...)
  11. Nickos

    Nickos Guest

    Well Pip, you are braver and more honest than anyone should be but thanks for your comments
  12. leicester

    leicester Guest

    I have some sympathy with Pip's point of view. The raggedness of the R2004 gameplay was an enormous letdown but at least the inclusion of clubs, career mode, squad selection and injuries provided more of a sim feeling. WCR can be great fun for a quick blast but is the least rugby like rugby game I have ever played - there is so much more to union than candyfloss running. I have probably played both games about as much on balance. After I have played WCR, I appreciate the other sim aspects of R2004. After I have stuttered through a couple of matches with those godawful passes and that painful lack of agility imposed on R2004 players, I am relieved to get back to the fluidity of WCR. Neither satisfy.

    In WCR, amongst the worst aspects are, for me, the inability to break tackles and the 100% record of big hits for dislodging the ball.

    For me, unrealistic candyfloss gameplay can be as frustrating and disappointing as crap gameplay.

    Roll on R2005 and lets hope it lays some ghosts to rest.
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