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Why im not buying Rugby 08



Ive been waiting for this ***le for months but after reading the reviews on here i decided to rent it first , and im soooo glad that i did. The game is shockingly awful.

-Rugby 06 commentary with a few new words
-Northampton Saints away kit is the kit which we was going to have but changed it to white in September 2006!
-The players positions are wrong and some cant even play in there real position

instances are
Steve borthwicks 2nd position is Fly Half?
Dan Ward Smith can not play at number 8!

-The player likenesses are wrong , and the ones which are right like Jonny , Carlos , Hodgson ect are the player models from rugby 06 where carlos didnt look like him anyway

The game is stupidly easy even on elite its possible with england to throw the ball to Billy Whizz and he will score even if he has to run past 15 men on the way!

Playing a winger in the centre means he can no longer catch

Glitches like a few times ive put it down in my own area and theres been a scrum at the half way line .... to me!

Ive had the game crash a few times when making a substitution after an injury

Its like Rugby 06 but with no lions tour!

the graphics are worst than rugby 06 in my opinion , the international kits are upto date for next season but the clubs arent even all right from last season

I would say its like all EA games but even the rosters are wrong on this one .... lazy canadians , you never get rooney in defence or john terry as a black striker on fifa!

Dont waste your money people
I agree with some of the things you said, in particular the AI, yet the game is a definite upgrade. You're probably playing it on the PS2, that's why the graphics look bad to you and the roster is an issue. Us PC people :cheers:
Yeah I'm going to get it on PC regardless of what anyone says...However I refuse to pay for it.

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