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Wigan Vs Saints



What a match, end to end stuff. Great result for us :D

Good match for the neutrals.
Great night, about time we beat them. Its now time to get our house in order, no more of this financial cock ups costing the team, time for Noble to start finding consistantcy.
You could clearly see that Wigan were going to win this game.
They played better, they seemed more up for it and altho both teams made a hell of a lot of mistakes, Wigan capitolised on them a bit better.
I was disappointed to see the Saints didn't quite get up for the game, but let that take nothing away from Wigan - they deserved it.
I'm not surprised you vermin haven't mentioned the ref again - he was absolutely horrendous. We didn't play well and the better team won again but I personally think it's hilarious that the self styled "biggest team on Earth" were celebrating like they had won the grand final when they had only just sneaked into the top 6.

Bye bye on Friday.

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