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WMP Problems..


Goth Power

Could someone provide a solution to a problem I am having with Bill Gates and his software please...

Windows Media Player 11 that is.
After like 5 seconds of playing audio an error message comes up which means I have to close the window. You know, the error that asks if you wish to compile and send an error report or not.

:( Please provide me a solution :(
change to a different media player, like winamp or something.

see if that gives you the same problem, could be a conflict with your audio card though, or media player just being an ass
Try Windows media classic, its much better and simpler. If its for music/playlist... download foobar2000. If your getting a send/don't send error its normally the audio file that will be damaged/not completed fully. I've had it happen before aswell.
Its only just started doing it the flipping thing... :rahh:

If I drag the error box out of the way its okay it still plays fine I just have to put up with it.
Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Windows Media Player 11 still in beta testing?

If so check if the got a newer beta version out, if not uninstall wmp 11 & install wmp10.

That what I have done. I prefer wmp10 at the moment.
i have WMP 11 and it works fine.

maybe you should stop listening to Goth stuff

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