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Woolmer's death - being treated as suspicious



On the news tonight, it was reported that the autopsy of the former SA and current Pakistani coach found 2 marks on his neck that suggest foul play. Once confirmed that foul play was the reason for death, there will be a full investigation.
The first thing I said to my wife on the morning that I saw the news of Woolmer's death on teletext was, "Right or wrong, my gut feeling here is murder".

I may yet still be wrong, but I bet I'm not alone in suspecting that the decay and corruption surrounding Pakistan cricket has sunk to an all-new gutter low.

Untill everything and I mean everything is cleaned up, (which may be never and I could care less) then Pakistan should be erased from International cricket. They have been a disgrace for so many reasons and for a government and cricket board to have allowed mafia style corruption to get to this level, is basically supporting evil.

Just look at how the PCB handled the positive drug tests of two strike bowlers. They let them off.

Also look at how they have been renowned as cheats in the game for decades now. Ball-tampering, ending umpires careers because they rule against them, doctoring pitches at times. They have easily the most chequered history of any team in cricket history.

I know Pakistan are a very skilled cricket team, but world cricket doesn't need them or anyone else who wants to destroy the honesty of what is one of the greatest games anywhere, when played legitimately.

Rest in peace, Mr Woolmer and I hope someone finishes the book you were going to publish........
Before commenting on this, would like to see the eventual outcome. Woolmer was certainly a great man, strong family ties etc. so suicide should definately be ruled out. For now, I`ll just say that I had a huge amount of respect for Woolmer, my prayers are with the family, and let the police do their thing.
Let's not go nuts here...before we accuse anyone of murder let's just wait too see what happened. The man deserved better than to have his untimely death used a sly stick to beat Pakistan with.

I am no fan of theirs but all this innuendo doesn't really help.
Well this is slightly more convincing than O'Gara and "chokegate"

Who should we should get on the case?! Edward E O'Sullivan: PRIVATE EYE!

EOS: "Well, er, I can, er, say that, er, Mr Woolmer was, er, strangled to death. I don't know who did it *COUGH*Scott Murray*HACK* but, er, I do hope they are man and, er, mature enough to, er, come forward to the police."

Seriously though. The loss of such a talented Coach is tragic, it would be better to get all the facts first before we jump to conclusions. I don't think Pakistan are to blame for any of this. Even Inzaman ul-Haq was so devastated by losing that he resigned his captaincy!
All my comments are personal opinion and beliefs and do not indicate real or proven facts.

I have nothing against muslims. Pakistan Cricket Board and anyone involved in match-fixing, yes.

I'm posting an opinion. Theres nothing crazy about it. It's just unproven as yet.

I'm not using his death to beat Pakistan with a sly stick. That is someone else's inference.

I've accused no individual or organisation of murder. I've implied that corruption and what happened may be linked. May be.

I'm allowed an opinion and there it is.
Ok guys, I think it's safe to say that my first post was done mostly to stir interest in this subject, as I thought not enough people were commenting on the sad passing of Mr Woolmer.

If the truth be told, I have as little idea as anyone else on what actually happened to him. I was being quite controversial so that people would discuss it.

It's funny how your perceptions can change overnight, I think when re-reading it that I went over the top and now having thought about it, have been sensationalist over a very sad topic.

it is quite sad for this to happen yes, but there has been a report out saying that there "is no evidence" that it was a homicide so we can get off that subject. Though his wife said he got an email from him that morning and he said he was quite depressed about the loss and was unsure how it happened. I wonder if he could be that depressed to do it to himself? maybe, maybe not, that could be why they are calling it "suspious" but until we hear more i think we should leave it at that.

He was a great coach, starting out and worchester then going on to coach ireland (bit of irony in that isnt there) then South Africa and Pakistan. Seams to be well respected in cricketing circles and has left a big whole in the pakistan regieme, though it was expected that he was going to retire after the world cup anyway.

Sad days for cricket ahead until the mourning has passed, and it may be a while.
News in England is that the Jamaican police have made it a murder investigation, with confirmation that the man was strangled. The press is talking about the Cronje connection as well.

Poor old Ireland - Disneyland victory turns into a Grisham potboiler.
Plot thickens!

If it was strangulation, maybe Eddie O'Sullivan (PRIVATE EYE) might have a case eh?!
Seems the Pakistan squad will be staying in the Caribbean for as long as they were originally expected to stay - but for the purposes of a police investigation. Question is: whose expectations have been ... ahem... disappointed? Mind boggles :blink:

This may cause more disgrace than the murder of the Colombian soccer player after the soccer World Cup in 1994.

Who knows? The death could still be entirely unrelated to the sport.

And note to Prestwick: the chief investigator is a Scotland Yard man, so there's enough incompetence at the crime scene without Inspector Eddie having to get involved.
I dunno Shtove.

Betting and Cricket are highly interconnected.

Even after the Hanse Cronje scandal, corruption and match fixing within international cricket was well known to still be prevalent. Its apparently far more endemic than you think. In some cases its even worse than soccer.
Well, I can't say I'm pleased to have my earlier thoughts confirmed. It would still have been a tragedy for his family if it had been a natural death.

I can say though, that I retracted my earlier views due to worrying when re-reading my first post that I gone too far, and might have upset people.

I wanted to avoid the backlash that happens when people post controversial theories and personal speculation on this forum.

As I said earlier though, this is one gut-feeling that I hate to have been fairly close to the mark on.
yeah, but no-one actually shot you down for it, mainly because people thought it as a possibility as well. I know i thought either that or he done it himself which he obviously didnt.

this is still very sad, and it adds to the contraversy that is international cricket.
This is terrible.

Could be be as a result of corruption in Pakistani Cricket?
Or could it be a disgruntled burglar or fan?

It's going to be an intriguing investigation which will no doubt be followed as closely as the games themselves.

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