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Hi Guys,

As we all know the World League always gives you the same players when you start, regardless of the team you choose.

Who do you choose to start with? Do you leave it with the default players? Who are the best players in the squad you get given?

Start with all the default ones. Best players are Chupin (13), James (14) and numbers 4 and 7 whose names I've completely forgotten for some reason
I generally use the CT/FB called Smith, who is good. Usually put him in at inside centre.
Before I embark on my World League adventure - isit possible to use your team in Play Now mode or did EA just lazily omit this option as well?
I play as the blues dno why probably cos their the 1st team on the list and im 2 lazy to scroll trough dem lol I put Nawali as number 14 and had evans playing as 11 apart 4rm that the team was exactly the same.
from the default

make subs so u have the following backline
FB - Damm
WR - Nawali
CT - McArthy
CT - Evans
WR - James
FH - Heffler
this is for optimum speed from the default players

then as 1st 2 buys get d.howlett and m.rogers
I picked the ACT Brumbies (luv the name!) and I still have K.Davies as my Scrum-half (No.9, right?) He scores just about as much tries as BOD!
I noticed too that all the scrum halves you get to start with are crap at passing. I had a look around and I think Berti is the best passer - so I normally use him at SH.
Backline is all I changed.

15 Damm
14 James
13 Chupin changed to Nawali changed back to Chupin
12 McCarthy
11 Evans then Nawali then Evans
10 Heffler.

I had Katalau at No. 8 to start with, then put him at Flanker. But that didn't work anywhere near as well as at no. 8.

Nawali can't catch a damn ball. I have him at no 22.
Someone else I normally put in is No.8 Murphy, as I think he has 'Ball Winner' special ability. This is useful to help retain possession. Plus Katalau often fumbles the ball and knocks on, as he has quite low handling rating. I normally bring him on later on as an impact runner though!
nawali is useless, quickest guy in the team but so bad in every other area that its not worth it. drops the ball contantly. First 3 buys for me were Doug Howlett, Rupeni Caucaunibuca, And that speedy japanese guy Onohato - backline is now by far the quickest in the game
Originally posted by scot@Mar 23 2005, 12:34 AM
Chupin is terrible.
No he's not, if you use his strengths correctly he's good. My back-line is building up quite nicely now. It goes.....

9. Pichot
10. McRae
11. Howlett
12. McArthy (Default)
13. O'Driscoll
14. James (Default)
15. Robinson

Playing behind a pack containing Steve Thompson, Martin Johnson and George Smith and there are plenty of tries to be had.
Daveyboy, do you play on hard? If so does having such a fast backline help to break through stingy defences?
RGF, only got it yesterday and still on medium (getting to grips with tackling to be honest!) those are the only players ive bought but even with those 3 you can carve up the other teams in division 3 pretty easily. Who have you purchased?
I bought CauCau and am playing on normal... but it is proving too easy and am thinking of starting again on hard. I also bought Foley at No.8 (who does not impress me much actually, yet to see him break a tackle!).
Foley is a terrible buy, IMO. He's probably the fifth best irish backrow. Shoudda got Miller (strength) or Wallace (ball carrying).
You are right Cavan! I was seduced by his stats though! I am going to start again anyway on hard. Normal is too easy.
Go with Martin Corry, Dallaghio, Harinordoquy, or my personal fav Sebastian Chabal (mental note, sign him for my team next)!
simon taylor, from scotland, is also a good one.

about the original question : i think that berti is a decent fh (even if he's not a good goalkicker)

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